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Freeway Shooting Under Investigation In 24/680 Friday


UPDATE: Per information being released by the CHP – Brandon Valencia, 22, of Oakley died of wounds received after being shot in a vehicle traveling west on Highway 24 near St. Stephens in Orinda the evening of July 28.

At least one person was believed wounded in a shooting currently under investigation in the 24/680 Friday, the unidentified victim undergoing treatment for unspecified wounds at John Muir Hospital.

Details of the Friday night incident remain murky at this writing (10:15pm), but the shooting was believed to have been on a stretch of local freeway with the victim dropped off at the hospital.

Walnut Creek police and California Highway Patrol investigators are currently interviewing the victim. Two suspect vehicles, described as a black Dodge Durango and a possible Dodge Challenger, were reportedly last seen driving west on Highway 24 in Lafayette.

If confirmed, Friday’s incident will be the second involving gun violence in the 24/680 since July 26, when witnesses reported hearing gunshots emanating from two cars traveling westbound on Highway 24 near Pleasant Hill Road at 11 a.m.

One of the suspect vehicles collided with an innocent bystander in a Ford, with witnesses reporting the occupants of both cars firing at one another before fleeing the scene. The driver of the Ford was not injured.


  1. I was waiting for the description of the escape route to include …” last seen going through the Caldecott Tunnel “… but I guess to be fair, it could be Lafayette residents doing all these shootings lately. right?

    • We hate to fall into anyone’s expectation – having compliance issues – but the suspect vehicles were apparently last seen west on 24 in Lafayette…


  2. Walnut Creek has become e quite the tarnished lil place they were too good for for so long. To me it’s location begs for excessive quick crime being the layout too easy in and back out. I’ve personally never understood the allure myself. It’s a strange place, poorly laid out, with very unfriendly souls never raising a half a an eyebrow for a hello in passing. I’ve just never had anything close to a welcoming experience there unfortunately! My daughter lives, and works their now and she’s in the middle on how she feels overall! All I know, is the unwelcome that up overall, leaves. Nothing desirable for me to bother venturing there for and I am totally okay with that! Good luck to you guys out in that little place! The handful of stores I used to thoroughly enjoy for a long time have all been dissipated into dust and nothing so there’s just no reason for me to bother.

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