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Alamo Home Burgled Wednesday – Firearms Reportedly Taken

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NEWS24/680 is attempting to confirm multiple reports of a residential burglary on Alamo Country Circle in Alamo on Wednesday, an apparently successful crime which netted the thief or thieves a number of firearms of undetermined type.

Attempts to confirm our information through official sources failed to yield any substantive details though residents and neighbors reported seeing a sizable law enforcement presence at the home in question after the crime was reported.

A report that a car believed used in the burglary was subsequently located could also not be immediately confirmed.

We’ll have additional details on this story when they become available.


  1. Good guys ONCE AGAIN provide guns to the bad guys. Simple to stop, unless you use Tennessee et al. logic. Unfortunately, given past mistakes, it would take decades to put things right.

    • Weapons are a favorite target (no pun intended) of local thieves, Rick, yes. We’re not sure of the type of firearms involved in this latest theft, ie, antique or modern, etc.

      We can confirm that there are a lot of them out there – both thieves and guns.

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