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Alamo Teen In Federal Court For Alleged Fentanyl Sales

Photo: CPD

A local teen who allegedly sold fentanyl pills that left one user dead appeared in federal court on related charges Tuesday.

Ozymandias Troy Watson, 18, of Alamo, appeared in United States District Court in Oakland. Federal prosecutors have charged him with possessing fentanyl in the form of counterfeit “M30” pills with intent to sell.

Prosecutors alleged Watson sold one of the counterfeit pills from a supply of more than 100 he had available to a buyer who subsequently overdosed and died in Dublin.

If convicted, Watson could face up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.


  1. Man, I have to jack myself up all day just to choke down those chewable baby aspirin. People be swallowing this junk without even knowing whats in it……

  2. Grotesque waste of law enforcement and judicial resources.

    If the dead addict hadn’t OD’d on this kid’s pills s/he’d have OD’d on someone else’s. Throwing 20 years at this poor kid for intermediating a Darwin Award needlessly ruins another life.

    There are several armed carjackings each day within sight of the Oakland Federal building.

    Law enforcement response?


    • This isn’t the first death ozy has been involved with he sold my best friend jake chimpky the fent pressed perc 30s that he overdosed on and another friend of mine Tyler Prinzin who just recently overdosed in the back seat of ozys car in LA from power fent that ozy sold him so yes 2 friends and a poor other kid he deserves more than 20years it doesn’t matter if the kid was an addict they were sons brothers friends family to people so plz be more respectful especially when u don’t know the whole story

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