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Obvious? Better Safe Than Sorry, We Say…

Photo: Resident of the Big Island

The son of a local reader is lucky enough to live on the Big Island of Hawaii, a beautiful place but especially newsworthy lately as its trademark volcano – Mauna Loa – has been actively spewing voluminous streams of superheated magma and gas.

Used to the mountain’s occasional displays of pyroclastic fury the locals have been making the trip to the crater to see what they can see, our reader’s son encountering this warning sign along the way.

We thought it might go down with such classic cautions as: “Do not use match to check fuel level” or “Do not wear clothes while ironing” or the classic “Avoid pouring hot liquid on crotch area.” But you never know.

Mahalo to our local reader and his son.


  1. Tsunami? Let’s drive to the beach and watch it. Volcano? Let’s drive up and watch it! Nuclear test? Let’s drive into the desert and take pictures! We’re an interesting race. And you know someone is going to try and firewalk that sucker sooner or later.

  2. While not a warning, I once bought a new phone in the 80’s. The instructions inside actually said, “when phone rings, lift handset and greet caller.” Seemed like some great advice to me.

    • We were also particularly fond of “Don’t fold baby stroller with baby inside…” until we thought about how that warning must’ve come to be…

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