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Pursuit Flurry In The 24/680 Wednesday

Photo courtesy "Valerie"

We are not sure why but several – apparently unrelated – groups of alleged bad guys are running from police on our namesake freeways Wednesday.

One car was eventually stopped at the Wilder exit in Orinda and at least one person detained by police. Reports that a child was found in the car, which reportedly reached speeds of 100+mph before slowing and eventually crashing into the center divider, could not be immediately confirmed.

While CHP and Lamorinda police officers were busy with the car on Highway 24, other officers were simultaneously engaged in pursuits in Danville, one in San Ramon, and another was reportedly spotted speeding down I680 out of San Ramon, with News24/680 readers reported seeing the vehicle speeding through Pleasanton.

There was no official word on the incident from police, and reports that at least one firearm was recovered could also not be confirmed.


    • Certainly something we considered, Jeff, given the likeminded approach of those apparently involved. Your friends/contacts in LE probably have more insight, but it definitely felt that someone kicked over the ants nest and the ants came scurrying out…

  1. I didn’t know we had that many police in the area. They came out of nowhere. Did they shoot out the car tires or use the spike thing on it. It seemed to drift across the freeway before crashing.

    • Shooting “out the car tires” is a thing best described as: “As Seen On TV”. It would be a violation of police procedure most anywhere as it is not considered safe for bystanders or bad guys who do not present a specific and imminent threat to others.

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