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Dublin Shooting Death Appears To Be Self-Defense, Police Say


A November 20 shooting at the Sofi Apartments, 7100 block of San Ramon Road, appears to have been self-defense, Dublin police reported Tuesday.

An initial investigation into the shooting has found that a woman’s estranged husband confronted another man at the apartment that afternoon, the pair getting into an argument that escalated and ended with the woman’s acquaintance shooting and killing the estranged husband.

Police in Dublin on Tuesday, Nov. 29, identified the estranged husband and deceased subject involved in the Nov 20th shooting as 38-year-old Kenneth Krainski.

The man who opened fire did so in defense of his life according to police. He was not identified.


  1. It’s unfortunate when these things happen, but sometimes you have to defend your own safety and that of others, just look at the hero in Colorado Springs.

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  2. Where do you think all those love songs come from? Amour fou. And it played out with tragic consequences.

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