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Fault Lines And Crash Cars


Sporty out there Friday night with cars ripping into houses and through power poles, knocking out power to some already feeling the after-effects of a 2.8 Magnitude shaker born in Alamo.

Crashes in Walnut Creek, Alamo, Martinez and Orinda kept first responders busy as the neighborhoods checked in with our Social Media accounts for a digital after-quake assessment and gab fest.

An early morning crash on Moraga Way in Orinda left the driver with a hefty car repair bill and a couple of hundred neighbors without power. PG&E on the scene switching out power poles and working to get the lights back on. Driver unscathed.

Last night’s shaker didn’t pack enough of a punch to make its way onto our “front page” but everyone seemed happy fulfilling the perfectly human need to connect and talk about stuff after it happens. Some of the comments are pretty funny.

“BogTrotter” (Cute…) responded to our quake advisory on Twitter with: “…that was the Campo cougars winning the quarterfinals 😉 ”

So it looks like congratulations are due to the latest litter of Coooogs.


    • Sis-boom-bah!

      We don’t need no music
      We don’t need no band
      All we need is Campo fans,
      jammin’ in the stands!

      Gooooo Cougars!

  1. Quake: check. Car crash: check. We seem to see so many crashes we almost have say which one, mine being the three car on Olympic. That German Shepard will never trust his driver again. He did not look happy.

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