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Twist In Grizzly Peak Murder Case: Concord Transient Shot, Killed In Concord


In an odd twist to a startling case originally thought to be focused in Alameda County, a man found shot, wrapped in plastic and left near the Tilden Park Steam Trains has now been identified as a transient killed after an altercation in a Concord homeless camp.

The news, released without preamble by Concord police on their social media page, identified the man witnesses said they saw wrapped in plastic and tossed off Grizzly Peak Road as Shafi Qasami, a 25-year-old Concord transient.

A spokesman for the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office said a murder charge was subsequently filed against 29-year-old Guadalupe Jose Robles, who is also homeless, along with an enhancement for intentionally firing the handgun used to kill Qasami.

Robles is currently in the Martinez Detention Facility facing the murder charge and ancillary enhancement.

Investigators say he was unhoused and camped in a creek area near Diamond Boulevard and Willow Pass Road in Concord when the murder took place.

On May 5th, 2022, they said, Robles got into an altercation with Qasimi — who went by the nickname, “Active.” Robles believed that Qasimi used Bear spray on Robles’ friend earlier that day and threatened to do the same to Robles during the argument. At one point, Qasimi walked away from Robles’s campsite, while Robles and two others followed him. Robles was handed a small handgun – which authorities said has not been recovered – and fired one shot, hitting Qasimi in the head and killing him.

Robles and unnamed “others” used a stolen vehicle to move Qasimi’s body from Concord to Oakland in the Grizzly Peak area – where it was eventually found by Oakland Police on May 12 after
receiving a 911 call from an individual sightseeing with his family.

Robles’ arraignment was scheduled for today, Wednesday, at 1:30 pm in Martinez.


    • That was my babys father. I didn’t aspect this I already left him . To look up on Google a last name related to him. Now I know after 9 months of him being gone . R I P Johnum. Your baby and I love you. 😖

    • It’s insane, they talk about gun control related only to people who will actually follow the law non criminals and do zip to enforce the current laws on this.

      Look at this in Seattle, remarkable how many shootings there are at homeless encampments

    • He wasn’t it could have been an agency or undercover law enforcement who killed him..doesn’t make sense how the two guys are not suspect

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