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Stolen Car Suspects Detained In Orinda Saturday


Police seeking a stealthy Honda reportedly stolen in Berkeley earlier reacquired the vehicle at about noon Saturday and stopped the vehicle at Camino Pablo and Ardilla after a brief chase. Two people were detained, a woman found inside the vehicle and a man stopped at gunpoint further down the road at Via Corte.

Camino Pablo was closed at Miner Road to facilitate removal of the suspect’s vehicle, which was damaged in a collision at the end of the chase, and to aid in the police investigation.


      • Isn’t it funny how the tighter and tighter our gun control laws have gotten the more and more guns there are in the streets. Maybe time to reimagine that too.

        • It’s also funny how in every other country in the world where guns are illegal, low level crooks cant afford them anymore, and gun violence plummets.

          • Dunblane in Scotland. Port Arthur in Tasmania-Australia. Christchurch in New Zealand. Real leaders did something and made change happen. In America we send thoughts and prayers to the families of murdered children and our politicians hold out their hands for campaign contributions from the NRA.

    • Morning, Mikey – we’d defer to the LEOs and Legal Beagles among us (there are a bunch) on this one but if we were to take a passing shot at it we’d say it came down to the level of suspicion an officer has about a person in a specific incident.

      Sometimes it’s clear where that suspicion lies – such as when the officer lays hands on a person and “slaps the cuffs on.” That person is under arrest. But not all situations are that clear. Police have the discretion to detain someone for further investigation, because doing so can mean the difference between incriminating evidence being admitted or not in a case. Ultimately, of course, a judge may have to decide.

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