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Pleasant Hill Wells Fargo Robbed Friday


Two armed men robbed the Wells Fargo bank branch, 699 Contra Costa Boulevard, at approximately 2 p.m. Friday, getting away with an undetermined amount of money and escaping in a white Infiniti, license plate 7LAZ865 with tinted windows.

The men, described as black males in their 20s, were both carrying weapons of undetermined type. No one was hurt during the encounter, which stunned a large number of witnesses present as the robbery unfolded.


  1. Well with the license plate captured the police should be able to easily find these crooks…… Unless it was of course he stolen car, which they seem to do a lot lately so they could cover up their crime.
    Crooks are kind of smart as they know how to get around license plate readers and other deterrents. Whatever we come up with they find a way around.
    The only real solution is the old one, put them in jail.

  2. Robbing a federal bank, like Wells Fargo, is really stupid. You will net very little cash and face federal prosecution and incarceration.

    • Armed robbery of a bank is known as a very stupid crime. Very little cash, most of them are caught and the money usually isn’t recovered. They’re looking at a long prison sentence. Most robbers have a drug problem or some desperate financial situation, and they don’t care. If they cared they wouldn’t rob a bank.

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