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“Work Truck” Thieves Hitting Lamorinda Property Owners Hard


Neighbors in Lamorinda aren’t feeling too kindly toward two men believed to be driving a metallic green work truck – and casually picking off very expensive bicycles and other items from garages and yards as they go.

An Orinda family had a very expensive bicycle taken from their garage just Thursday afternoon and others are reporting the same. If you’ve been victimized, notify the police, of course, but we’d also be interested in hearing what happened as we’re mapping the pair’s crimes.

One suspect is believed to be a white or Hispanic man wearing headphones and a full face mask high on his head. He is driving the aforementioned truck with a lumber rack over the bed. Don’t take any direct action but you may want to watch this person if seen. Any new photos would be welcome but never, ever jeopardize your safety in securing them.

At least one victim has said police believe the truck the men are using was recently stolen, so they may be changing up vehicles again soon.

Thanks to everyone who wrote us about this pair, and to the resident who supplied us with their pictures.


    • @Mark – Enough with the hyperbole. You know as well as anyone that contractors’ trucks and suburban garages were perennial targets of opportunistic thieves long before the recent policy reform.

      Crime has spikef nationwide since 2020, largely irrespective of recent criminal justice policy reforms in each jurisdiction.

      Counterproductive, speculative hyperbole perpetuates false and exaggerates misconceptions.

      • @ Campo.
        Wow, it sounds like you got a burr under your saddle.

        “Crime has spikef nationwide since 2020, largely irrespective of recent criminal justice policy reforms in each jurisdiction.”?

        I believe that statement to be inaccurate.

        Of course, similar crimes have been around for a long time. In the criminal world, it’s always open season.

        I believe the soft on crime policies are enabling criminals.

        Being soft on anything unlawful and/or simply wrong is never a responsible reaction.

        Blurring the definition of right and wrong is a fatal error.

        • Hey don’t threaten his agenda, he’s been convinced of the narrative and screams out with no facts. He is unstoppable at this point short of some shock therapy.

          If you think lamorinda has and CCC has always been this way you must have your head in the sand, or you are flat out lying.

          If you think that the zero bail which we voted against as a state (newsom is more powerful than our ballot measures though), and that misdemeanor of nearly every crime, lack of da’s wanting to press charges to protect the criminals first and foremost and feed that woke justice is not directly leading to more crime you are NUTS.

          Show me 10 years ago where people committing these crimes were not being charged and being let out within a day, over and over and over.

          NOPE. Fake news.

          MS Marg, really interesting you got your bike stolen 40 years ago, and then it happened again later, and that is your gauge for this is nothing new. FACE PALM. Really?

      • thanks for pointing this out! you are entirely correct. i brought a bike home from italy after riding all over italy and greece and it was stolen out of my garage first day home- over 40 years ago ‼️‼️‼️. then 10 years later front door of house was removed and bike taken out of house. and my trucks have had tools stolen more times than i can remember- let’s see, catalytic converters stolen twice, trailer hitch taken off car while i was eating lunch in a local restaurant——none of this is new

  1. Mark Jones above is right!
    They’re releasing criminals right away to turn around and commit other crimes hours later.
    Ch7 news this week reported the man arrested after he crashed a stolen car in the narrow streets of Hillsboro at 2:00 a.m. while prowling the neighborhood. He was held for a few hours but not sent to jail in concerns that he might get covid. Well just a few hours later he murdered two people..
    Have we as a society, become so soft-headed that we’re more worried about a criminal catching covid than we are about innocent citizens?

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