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Walnut Creek Sideshow Takeover A Family Affair, Police Say


A release issued by Walnut Creek police following the raucous takeover of a downtown intersection early Saturday morning detailed the police response to the incident – which they say included the issuance of citations and the impoundment of one car in which officers allegedly found an unlicensed male juvenile at the wheel, his mother riding as a passenger.

Police said responding officers made several traffic stops on the “large group” (which they put at approximately 50 people and 25 cars at the intersection of Locust Street and Olympic Boulevard) at around 1 a.m. Saturday – with officers making the impound already mentioned as well as citing another vehicle for having a modified exhaust.

Video of the incident was included with a post detailing the incident on this site Saturday morning. Although the group fired off fireworks during the time they were in control of the intersection police said their officers deployed the smoke canisters initially thought to have been used by the group to obscure their movements.

Police stressed that there were no injuries or traffic collisions reported from the sideshow and said that followup investigation had identified another involved driver – an investigation that led to that driver’s vehicle being impounded, as well.


  1. I’m still distributing the new WCPD training manual, they have much to learn. 25 cars and all they could do is issue one cite and impound one, there’s always something wrong with any car over five years old, failure to maintain lighting equipment, bald tires, insurance, did they tear apart the cars for drugs, take off the rims, check air filters, remove seats, that’s the Firestone way. Ask the Crips and Bloods about vehicle stops.


  2. It took police at least 4 minutes to respond, then they were blocked (in their cars) by young people standing in the street for another 2 minutes while the sideshow continued.

    Something is wrong here. Two citations, and two impounds?

    • We’ll just say, in the interest of public enlightenment, that while the literal focus of attention was on Locust Street in this instance there were other groups of cars moving around town that morning and police were, according to accounts we’ve gotten, attempting to address the issues they were causing, as well.

  3. It will be so great when Pinstripes opens in downtown Walnut Creek so families will have somewhere to go for entertainment and won’t have to resort to this type of behavior

  4. “officers allegedly found an unlicensed male juvenile at the wheel, his mother riding as a passenger.”
    Looks like my ex is back on the streets again.

  5. It’s a family affair
    It’s a family affair
    It’s a family affair
    It’s a family affair
    One child grows up to be
    Somebody that just loves to learn
    And another child grows up to be
    Somebody you’d just love to burn
    Mom loves the both of them
    You see, it’s in the blood
    Both kids are good to mom
    Blood’s thicker than the mud

    (So, there’s a perfectly logical explanation…)

  6. You have to imagine how that conversation went:
    “Mom, is it okay if I borrow the car? I want to run from the 5-O tonight with Denae and KayKay, lay down five hundred dollars worth of rubber in an intersection, wake up a bunch of folks who shouldn’t be asleep anyway, ghost ride the whip and ride the clutch out to within an inch of its life while Jayzee shoots off bottle rockets from the back seat…”

    Mom: “Sure, honey, let me get my coat…”

    • So true, those same “sensible” comments that get their so-called creators banned from other sites for hate speech or threats or racist tropes they love to see bouncing around their respective echo chambers. The ones that have convinced us that there is a segment of presumably American Society living in their parent’s basement, churning out messaging they think is smarter, wittier, more telling than anything else they’ve seen on Parler that week. Only, it’s not. It’s just boring.

  7. I work in BROADWAY Plaza. I was working late I my store when I heard the start of the festiveties… Having parallel parked my car at Main and Olympic, I walked up main to check on my car as the fire works they let off had alarms sounding in the immediate area… I stood on the curb and watched WPD arrive and attempt to block Olympic at Main… The operative word being attempt… These cars were skirting right around the cop cars with ease as none of the cops appeared to make any attempts to actually block them or pursue them. It would seem that articles such as this and news reports are attempts on someone’s part to highlight the efforts of the Fuzz to exact something in the way of control over this situation… Butt it’s really an embarrassment… The ratio of effective crime fighting to the number of cars that got away and will likely remain on the road to rally in the next display of senseless lameness is a joke and only highlights the lack of control and crime fighting going on… Our tax dollars at work! If it’s not an embarrassment it should be! I am embarrassed for them!

    • Remember, “defund the police”? You guys made your bed, now you’ll have to lay in it! You can’t expect the police to work miracles. And let’s flip this a little….what would the headlines say the next day had they attempted to block them in and it turned into a life or death thing? Would a sideshow be worth that? People need to stop complaining about everything and make up their minds. Do you want law and order or do you want your city to turn into Oakland?

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