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Danville Hoarding Condition Leads To Confiscation Of Dozens Of Cats, Dogs

Photo: Contra Costa Animal Services

A strike team of animal services workers responded to a Danville property Friday after getting reports of dozens of animals being kept in unsafe, unsanitary conditions.

Contra Costa Animal Services workers along with representatives from ARF, East Bay SPCA and Berkeley Humane Society went to the unidentified property to gather and assess the condition of dozens of cats and dogs kept at the location.

Collectively, ARF, EBSPCA and BHS took approximately 42 animals into their shelters for medical evaluation. All told, workers identified approximately 70-75 dogs on the property and approximately 25 cats on Friday alone, returning Saturday to assess still more animals remaining on the property.

Thirty two dogs and five cats were brought to Contra Costa Animal Services. Six of the dogs had to be euthanized due to their medical condition. The remaining dogs and cats are currently receiving care and are in stable condition at the county shelter.


  1. Not the chihuahua rescue story I was hoping for, but it feels good to know that the animals are being cared for now.

    What a piece of work is man
    How noble in reason
    How infinite in faculties
    In form and moving
    How express and admirable
    In action how like an angel
    In apprehension how like a god
    The beauty of the world
    The paragon of animals

    but not today.

  2. Such an inaccurate article! This was a LEGAL non-profit organization! These animals were well cared for and received all the medical attention that they needed. They never lacked for anything. The home was SPOTLESS! I wish people would really read the article and then they will see that Mr. Tarozzi made the decision himself to call for help due to his and his wife’s poor physical health. I applaud Mr. Tarozzi for doing the right thing and making that call when he realized he could no longer do this alone. I hope that all the animals find loving homes.
    This is why I can’t stand the media. They turn everything into an evil drama!!

    • Why blame the media for this? It makes me wonder. They reported what county animal control reported. And apparently what other groups who were on site reported. Apparently your contention that the animals were being well cared for was not shared by several animal care experts and — I guess — veterinarians? Wouldn’t they have to be consulted before 100 animals are removed from a premises and some euthanized? Something’s not adding up. And yes, what is the name of this shelter or LEGAL (your emphasis) rescue organization and where is it located????

    • Anyone can set up a non-profit, properly or otherwise, but proper care of the animals is the issue. Does this non-profit have a name? Is it a shelter? A kennel? What? You indicated that this is a “home”. “The home was SPOTLESS!”, you wrote. That’s a boatload of animals for any “home” setting.

      • Keying off david’s point and without substantive input from the people behind this non-profit I’m going to assume we’re talking about a home here. And if that’s true there are laws on record limiting the number of animals a homeowner in this county can have on site to —- three. Three. So maybe that’s the issue here?

  3. I know this won’t mean anything to you but I immediately mistrust any rant with more than 5 exclamation points.

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