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Mel’s Makes Way For Hotboys Chicken In Walnut Creek


North Main Walnut Creek mainstay Mel’s Original Diner has called it quits and renovations are underway for the area’s latest occupant – Oakland’s World Famous HotBoys Chicken, a Nashville-based spiced-up chicken operation with, it turns out, a Lafayette connection.

Owner-operator-chef Victor Ghaben hopes to bring the Tennessee-style chicken — fried and lathered in a cayenne pepper sauce – to the N. Main Street location. and, traditionally, lard — by friend and business partner Gibbs, who went to college in Nashville.

According to Eater, Ghaben is part of the family behind Lafayette’s Batch & Brine.


  1. Living in Walnut Creek and have been driving to Oakland through the pandemic to grab food from them…it is tremendous! I cannot wait for them to come to WC!

  2. I’m so excited..I’m a big fan of Hot Boys….and hopefully they’ll have a wonderful General Manager..unlike Mel’s…Walnut Creek can’t wait!!

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