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Police Pursue Rolex Robbery Suspects From Alamo Into Lafayette/Orinda

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Police in Alamo and Lamorinda are searching for a car, believed to be a white Accura TL with a rooftop bike rack, used in the armed robbery of an older man and his caretaker in Alamo Monday morning.

Witnesses reported seeing as many as four black males, 18 to 20-years-old in hoodies and masks aboard the car, apparently after relieving a man of his watch and other personal items in the 100 block of South Avenue in Alamo at around 2:05 p.m.

Officers relayed a description of the car and reportedly acquired it as it was running at high speed on westbound Highway 24 near the Acalanes/ St. Stephens offramps.

Police lost contact with the vehicle but continue to search the area.


  1. Coming to your neighborhood next week. Thank the liberal California politicians. But, it won’t be happening to me.


      • Alamo is probably one of the safest places to live on the planet. And, there is a Sheriff station right in town. 108RS

        • Agree. I’m not going anywhere. No slight against the victim of this recent case but I just don’t wear my expensive jewelry in public and I always check to see if anyone has taken a negative interest in me and followed me home. I used to live in New York so those little lessons have come in handy over time.

    • Will any common-sense Democrats wake up? Though the GOP is only modestly better, both sides focused on power.

      Notice how the “UniParty” fought against Ross Perit, the Tea Party, and now MAGA principles?

  2. Wake up people!
    We need to start putting people back in jail!
    This social justice experiment has failed
    Miserably. Surprisingly still being pushed by the Democrats. From now on I’m going to vote Republican at every level. The demps of lost contact with Earth.

    • Personally I think the real danger are the Christian Nationalists and the fools who pay attention to them but I’m sure the demps had something to do with it too.

      • Well, he next time a robbery is done by group of Christian nationalist -whatever that is- I’ll agree with you and start worrying about them.
        I’m sorry I seem to pick on the Democrats in the state. Was the Republican members who tried to tighten up these laws including proposition 47 and they’ve been shut out by the Democrat majority. I can see the public booting a lot of them out if they don’t wake up and change their tune and who they’re trying to protect. For now the Dems are going out of their way to protect the criminal.

        • Something tells me the dudes in that car are not registered voters. Endless politicization of every issue is boring.

          • Personally I see responsibility for this with the guys in that car. But that’s just me.

    • Why must you politicize everything? Are you a single issue voter? What policy specifically are you claiming that the Democrats support that encourages violent crime?

    • We’ve seen or been offered none, yet, but, as we’ve learned from the movies – there’s always a video.

    • I think most of you should just go watch some more Fox News, and the ones who want to leave, don’t let the door hit you .

      • So sad that people don’t see the rapid decline of this state. So many people leaving to go to other states that are red. This state is a sinking ship that will be left only with people with their hands out and all the taxpayers will be gone. Good luck, I can’t wait to get the heck out of here!

        • Again, politicization of an issue geared to make it appear that people are “coming to their senses and going red.” What could be behind that kind of messaging? I wonder.

        • I guess you have no idea that violent crime is on the rise in both Texas and Florida, right?
          It’s simple economics. Red states have lower cost of living compared to Cali. So a lot of people are moving to where they can afford homes. What’s funny is that even though Texas and Florida both have no income tax, they have much higher property taxes (that’s how they can afford to not have an income tax). Even now, prices in Texas cities are skyrocketing because of all the new residents buying up homes. They’re having to raise sales and local taxes to deal with the influx of people using their school systems and infrastructure. But this is all, of course, the fault of the Democrats according to Laelah.

      • I wasn’t suggesting “demps were behind this”. My point is the article itself is simply reporting on a crime. The politicization of every newly published crime is the hobby of Pizzagate conspiracists and others suffering various delusions plus the rubble of the party of Lincoln. Per Jeff at the top, “they” are coming to get you: “Coming to your neighborhood next week. Thank the liberal California politicians.” That’s where it starts:)

        • Lotta obsession here with name calling, Pizzagate, and such. Both party’s are corrupt, but at least there are a few handfuls in the GOP worth salvaging. Hence the moniker “UniParty”.

          The UniParty is only interested in feathering their own bed and power, whether that is Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, or the 3rd term of Obama.

          Ironically, it took a former Democrat to put America First. Like Ross Perot and the Tea Party before him, the Swamp, Wall Street, multinationals and MSM went 110% to undermine President Trump. Yes, Wall Street is now supporting Democrats.

          In the end, hi tech, the MSM, and possibly China were needed to cheat President Trump out of Term Two. Arizona will be key.

          • No. Sorry. Keeping all name calling out of it the “audit” has already been identified as a sham and your leader will not be carried back into office, much as the cult prays for that to happen. Not going to happen.

          • It’s no wonder every bad things that happens is apparently the fault of Democrats, you need to stop watching right wing media. Trump is probably the most corrupt politician we’ve ever had sit in the Oval Office in the modern era. He wasn’t really for anything, just tempting loyal followers like yourself by telling you exactly what you want to hear.

            As for the laughable “audits” you know that even GOP politicians say that the claims made by Trump toadies are absurd and made up propaganda meant to fool the gullible, right? I just want these “auditors” to stop gaslighting and produce the supposed proof that the election was stolen so we can judge for ourselves.

    • You have to be careful these days – people are confused by big words and phrases that have been around for a 100 years.

  3. @City Hall and Oates-As someone that worked 26 yrs in LE in Contra Costa both on the street and as a Det. (retired in 2014) I can say factually that this type of crime was extremely rare on the east side of the Berkeley hills. Occasionally there were residential burgs in LaMOrinda or even WC,Dan or SR, in those instances though they were not targeting individuals.
    Weather it’s the Dems and their soft on crime policies or just changes in society I can’t say but sadly the 680/24 is not the same. And no this is not happening in similar cites everywhere….I’ve been all over the western US since retiring and cities like what make up the 680/24 (upper middle class and above) are not seeing the same uptick in violent crime.

    • I don’t recall these crimes, either, 20-30 years ago. Extremely rare. A citizen in San Ramon claimed thers were some issues regarding bicycle thefts and new low income housing, but I have no facts in the matter. A staffer at a SR storage facility four years ago said drug users from the Central Valley came up, occupied one unit, and were pilfering other units at night.

      Friends have noted crime comes in from Oakland and East County (?). The recent Orinda mansion party / murders were from Oakland / Richmond.

      When I lived in Lafayette and Orinda, as several men living together, we left the door unlocked all day long, only to lock it late at night.

      • @Mark Jones- when I worked a lot of the crime in the 680/24 corridor came from the other side of the hills on either side- Richmond/Oakland/Hayward side or the Pittsburg/Antioch area, even the Central Valley (Stockton area). That is not to say there aren’t criminals that live here as well because there are plenty. Most of the crime was property focused, very rare to see an individual targeted.

        What is different is crime directed at seemingly innocent individuals are now becoming common.

        Not only did I work here, I grew up here. When did you ever have to think about your personal safety just being out and about pretty much anywhere in the 680/24 corridor 10 plus yrs ago? It has changed…

      • I assume you mean illegally obtained firearms vs. those sold to law abiding citizens. The odds that those accused applied for a handgun permit with the CA DOJ and submitted themselves to a FBI background check (both required in our fair state) are very low.

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