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Rapper Alexander Mark “Lil Yase” Antonyyo, Jr. Victim Of Dublin Homicide

"Little Yase" Antonyyo, Jr.

Police on Sunday confirmed the victim of a shooting near the East Dublin BART station was a San Francisco-born rapper last seen shortly before midnight at a recording session in Marin County.

Alexander Mark “Lil Yase” Antonyyo’s movements from the time friends say he told them he’d be “right back” to the Marin County session to the time he turned up shot several times at a Pleasanton hospital could not be immediately ascertained.

Dublin police said the rapper, whose given name was Alexander Mark Antonyyo, Jr., was initially treated for multiple gunshot wounds when he arrived at Valley Care Medical Center in Pleasanton early Saturday – before he was transferred to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley where he was declared deceased.

Detectives traced the shooting scene to a location in the 5100 block of Iron Horse Parkway but have not released a motive for the shooting or potential suspect. So far, no one has been able or willing to say how or why Antonyyo travelled from Marin County to Dublin.

A good samaritan who reportedly found Antonyyo stumbling around outside his car at the shooting scene is said to have told investigators the rapper told him he’d been shot during an aborted holdup targeting an expensive wristwatch.

Music industry insiders described Antonyyo as an up-and-coming Bay Area rapper who came out of San Francisco’s Sunnydale Housing Projects to make his way in the music business, releasing a single “Get It In” in 2015 and acquiring a You Tube following with a string of hits that racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube over the years

Since then, friends told reporters, the rapper has concentrated on promoting his label – Highway 420 Productions – and gaming. Associates maintained he had no known enemies.


  1. What time line? Sez he’ll be back in Marin a little before midnight and turns up shot in Dublin before one am??? Did they find his car or was someone else driving???

  2. Dublin BART…. Near iron horse trail… So maybe you took bart?. Shootings in the rap business seem very common.

    • Right but why Dublin? He’s a city boy making a recording in Marin — why run all the way to Dublin? Lots of questions still — did he drive or take BART? If he took a train at that hour there will be lots of video. Hopefully there will be some answers soon.

  3. Maybe he was meeting someone who lived in the Dublin area. San Francisco residents can be in the East Bay for the same reason East Bay residents can be in San Francisco. It happens daily, and it’s no big deal.

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