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Marathon Rescue Effort After Crash In San Ramon Thursday

Photo: San Ramon PD

Crews of firefighters using specialized equipment worked for more than two hours to free a driver trapped in the wreckage of their car after a grinding crash on Dougherty Road Thursday night.

The crash was first reported at 6:45 p.m., with neighbors reporting the sound of an impact in the area. Passersby stopping to investigate and help found debris and a car wrapped “like a taco” around a tree, the driver pinned inside and asking for help.

“When I got there there was another pedestrian calling 911,” said Aman Gill, who stopped to help with his son. “I tried to get the guy out of the car but (there were) way too many mangled branches in the way plus the car was upside down… I could hear the driver meaning and groaning saying ‘please get me out.’ There was a small fire near the engine but the first cop (put) it out real quick.”

Gill, and dozens of others contacting this site expressed their concern for the trapped driver.

“I hope he survived,” Gill said.

Friends and family members said the 19-year-old Pleasanton man underwent surgery Thursday night and has been listed in critical condition with multiple fractures, a lung injury, and injuries to his right leg.

San Ramon Police Capt. Denton Carlson said the first officer arrived at the scene of the crash at 6:47 pm. The car, a two-door Nissan coupe, had rolled over multiple times and was found pinned against a tree near Dougherty Road and Oak Valley Drive. The engine compartment was on fire, Carlson said, and the driver was pinned inside.

Responding officers extinguished the fire, Carlson confirmed, and the driver was transported to the Eden Valley Medical Center via air ambulance.


  1. I have videos of kids filming themselves driving down that road at 90MPH howling in delight. An accident like this was only a matter of time. At least no innocent bystanders were impacted. Hope the young man recovers.

  2. He must have really been moving — though you can build momentum while tumbling. Hope he’s able to recover fully.

  3. Many consider Dougherty to be the Indianapolis Speedway – I see it everyday. People definitely need to slow down and follow the speed limit.

  4. Hope his writing hand is okay because he’s got a lot of thank you cards to get out when he feels better.

  5. I can honestly tell you that wrapping your car around an innocent bystander tree at high speed is NOT a normal driving experience and not one to be emulated. Fast is fun! And speed kills! I can’t condone, I can’t excuse, I can’t sympathize with the driver because of the RECKLESS indifference exhibited. It could be a tree, a dog, a child. WHAT A SELFISH ACT!

  6. I looky looed that one from a distance and it was horrible. I can’t imagine the amount of torque that car was generating to fold itself into a tree like that. Glad he survived but also glad he didn’t hit anyone else.

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