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Imposter Phone “Firefighters” Continue To Try And Hose Public

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Few professions generate a feeling of “instant trust” as much as law enforcement and the firefighting trades – and some people are open to strange requests whenever someone purporting to be one or the other calls.

According to Moraga PD, the Moraga-Orinda Fire Department (MOFD) recently learned that a citizen received a call from a person purporting to be with the “local firefighters.”  The caller asked for a financial donation over the phone and became irate when the citizen refused to provide money.  MOFD confirmed that they did not make any such call and the caller was impersonating a firefighter.

Advice from the Police:

MOFD does NOT conduct any type of direct phone call financial solicitation.  It is always important to confirm the validity of any type of solicitation.  Do not allow yourself to be pressured and trust your instincts – if something sounds suspicious, it probably is.

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