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“Fill ‘Er Up… We Mean, Hands Up!” Lafayette PD Arrest Stolen Car Suspect While He’s Getting Gas Sunday


A trip past the neighborhood gas station turned into a bit of a real-life crime episode Sunday after NEWS24/680 reader Pamela Dunn happened upon this scene at the 76 Station off Mt. Diablo Blvd. in Lafayette.

Turns out a passing Honda Civic triggered the town’s all-catching license plate readers and the city’s finest were vectored in to make the stop at 76 while the operator found himself the object of unwanted police attention and his two passengers were detained.

Lance Adams, who gave an address in Humboldt County, was arrested on charges including possession of a stolen vehicle, addict in possession of a firearm, possession of burglary tools, being unlicensed, and a probation violation.


    • @Patricia – Many thanks. And that was with a balky Internet connection! Adam was banging on his screen. Funny, in the old days you’d learn about it tomorrow morning!

  1. Put your hands behind your back and step to the cruiser. Grasp the nozzle with your left hand and fill the cruiser. Now get the squeegee……

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