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Teens Lead Police On Hair-Raising, Two-County Pursuit Wednesday Night


Teenagers in a 2000 VW Jetta engaged police from Solano and Contra Costa counties in a nearly 45 minute-long pursuit up and down I680 that ended only after their car had its tired flattened and they were arrested following a minor crash in Walnut Creek late Wednesday.

Police and onlookers said the teens, both from the San Jose area according to Solano County CHP Officer David Harvey, were running blacked out and at speeds in excess of 100mph before their car was successfully spike stripped and eventually came to rest.

The pair, whose names were not given due to their age, allegedly failed to yield to a CHP officer attempting to pull them over for excessive speed on Interstate 80 around 11 p.m. Wednesday, crossing the bridge into Contra Costa and embarking on a wild, corkscrewing ride up and down I680.

At one point the pair reportedly double-backed on themselves,  running at speeds over 100 mph back up Danville Boulevard while a CHP helicopter kept pace overhead. The car ran over a spike strip deployed at Rudgear Road and eventually came to rest near a car dealership at N. Civic and Locust streets, where police took the male driver into custody. His female passenger was located while hiding behind a nearby dumpster, according to police.

No one was injured during the pursuit. The driver was booked in Solano County on charges of reckless evasion and driving without a license. No reason was given for why they opted to run from police.


  1. “No reason was giving why they opted to run from police.”

    Irresponsibility, alcohol and drugs, testosterone, young and stupid, etc.

    I’m glad no one was hurt…

  2. Gee, to think, at one time- during the Leave-it-to-Beaver and Donna Reed era-
    Teenagers’ biggest faux pas were chewing gum in class and smoking in the bathrooms .

    • @Tom – You wouldn’t believe how many people have messaged us that very sentiment, Tom. We believe fear, adrenaline, sirens may be good for at least another 10mph when needed. We’ve also heard VW is updating its performance evaluations for Car & Driver based on this pursuit…

  3. Donna Reed was done dirty when she took over the role of Ellie Ewing on Dallas and then had it snatched away from her (i.e., she was fired) when the crew endorsed Barbara Bel Geddes’ desire to return.

    • @Tom – Waaaay beyond and outside our Television knowledge though we thought Donna Reed a rare beauty and did once see Larry Hagman? (Dallas Guy, right?) walking the beach at Malibu in one of his famous caftans… That’s it, our TMZ moment.

  4. Other than electrics, all modern cars can go much faster than 100 MPH. Google suggests that the 2000 Jetta is electronically limited to 130MPH and it can get there (albeit slowly). A good rule of thumb is “If they sell a car in Germany, you can safely drive it at 120MPH all day long.” Look in the door jamb of your car and it might even tell you how to adjust tire pressures if you expect to sustain speeds of over 100 or 150 MPH.

    Not condoning reckless driving. Just reminding people that modern cars are amazing machines.

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