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In Strange Twist, Moragan Arrested With Crime Crew Terrorizing San Francisco Shoppers

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Five people, a Moraga resident among them, were recently arrested in connection with a series of armed robberies in San Francisco, according to police.

Officers stopped a car they said they had recognized from the description given in earlier armed thefts on Dec. 4 at 10:17 p.m. near Gough and Sutter streets, and arrested the five people inside.

Among those arrested was 19-year-old Moraga resident Serena Sumpter, 22-year-old Berkeley resident Marcus Murphy, 18-year-old Sacramento resident Katherine Wilson, 18-year-old Oakland resident Keith Smith and 18-year-old Oakland resident Jayonn Blacknell.

The five face charges of robbery, conspiracy and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to investigators.

Police say the crew attacked each victim before stealing their belongings such as phones, jewelry and purses, sometimes brandishing a gun to further intimidate the victim.

Murphy, Smith and Blacknell are also accused of violating their probation as prior felons because a gun was seized in the arrest.

Some stolen property was also recovered, according to investigators.


  1. I thought I was being bad and thwarting my parents authority when I stayed up past midnight with my friends.

  2. I wonder if she really lives/lived in Moraga or just has a mailing address here. Going Campo-to-Criminal in about a year is a pretty steep decline. Perhaps I’m just in denial. I can imagine drug addiction leading to petty theft to feed the habit, but being part of an armed robbery crew is pretty hardcore….

    I’m just glad *we* raised *our* kids in Orinda. I joke. I joke.

  3. Part of me says to throw them in jail but then another part of me says they’ll only be more aggressive criminals when they get out.

  4. I feel bad for the victims too. I don’t feel bad for her parents. If she grew up in Moraga – she at least spent her senior year there, you can’t blame the “environment.” Parents can’t take full credit or blame when it comes to how our children turn out, but WE raised them.

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