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Burglary Flurry Hits Little Moraga Wednesday; Two Break-Ins While Occupants Are Home


Lamorinda police but Moraga PD in particular spent much of Wednesday dealing with an apparent burglary swarm in the area, with burglars hitting four homes in Moraga – two while the occupants were present. Two more burglaries were reported in Orinda, one of them while a woman was at home with her child.

The residential burglaries touched off a furious response from local police who moved swiftly to capture a man who reportedly walked in on an Orinda woman who was with her baby late Wednesday morning.

The suspect in that case was reportedly spotted later in the day in Lafayette, with police officers from several agencies using tracking dogs and helicopters to get a line on the crooks.

It was not immediately known if the break-ins was the work of a crew of thieves or individual burglars working randomly and independently.

In one case, a teenager returning to his family’s home in the 100 block of Draeger Drive was surprised to see two men stacking up the family belongings near a door in preparation for removal – and called police.

Officers, some of whom were already in the area searching for a suspect in an earlier incident at an Orinda home, quickly responded. This site has been unable to confirm a report that one person was detained at the scene.

Moraga Police Acting Chief Jon King reported that in two cases the thieves entered through unlocked doors or windows. Other burglaries were reported on Woodford and Buckingham as well as Draeger.

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  1. If you hear a knock at the door, make sure you let them know you’re home. Most of these peeps are straight up burglars. Hot prowl burglaries are very rare.

  2. @Michael. You were kidding right? I l ike the humor. But yes it would be like a riot breaking out at the “states friendliest city” BBQ. No one caught in this right? I’d really like to know why they’re hitting the area like this because they’ll probably be moving down our way next week.

  3. What to expect, with the thousands of criminals being released from jail by the Jerry Brown & Obama Administrations?

  4. You are right Greg. It’s the perfect storm. The thousands of “non-violent” criminals hitting the streets are getting another chance to change that description. A great deterrent is a loud dog or two, or at least a “Beware of Dog” sign visible from the street.

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