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El Cerrito Bank Robbery Nets Thief $250,000


As reported earlier on our Facebook page, a man approached a US Bank branch counter at the Safeway store, 11450 San Pablo Avenue, this morning, passed a note demanding money to the teller and left the area with $250,000.

A teller reportedly filled several bags of cash and turned them over to the suspect, described as a black male, 5′ 8″ tall, 150 pounds wearing a hat with a Chicago Bulls emblem on the front. The robber, who was carrying a backpack, took the cash and left the bank.

Anyone with information about the identity or location of the suspect has been asked to contact the El Cerrito Police Department at 510-215-4400 or via email: investigations@ci.el-cerrito.ca.us.

A reward has been offered but investigators are urging citizens not to approach or apprehend the man. Though no gun was seen during commission of the robbery, the suspect is considered armed and dangerous, according to police. The best course of action is to call 911 if the suspect is spotted.

No explanation was given as to how the thief was able to abscond with such a large amount of money, or why that sum was on hand at the bank.


  1. That’s a lot of money, especially at a store location. Was it being picked up by the armored car, and the bank robber beat them to the door? Unless it’s armed robbery, why would you give away that much? If he has a gun, it’s a different story. Not worth risking your life. Unbelievable.

  2. I’d be investigating the teller and it looks like a women face and body frame. Looks like they tried to make her look bulky. I’m sure that whole area must have servile cue camera. Especially since BART is right across the street.

  3. WORSE is that the bank and media outlet REPORTED how much was stolen. Now every thief with a pen and paper is going to try to rob grocery store banks. Maybe its newsworthy, but why put people at risk?

  4. If they didn’t already know how much they were going to get BEFORE they walked into that bank I’m pretty sure a couple of hundred bad guys knew how much they scored about 10 minutes after they got it home. Crooks may not read but they have information networks of their own.

  5. I think people here are smart enough to know that could be a possibility. Waiting for the outcome of the police investigation.

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