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Burglars Give Lafayette Homeowners “Welcome Back” Present

Five burglaries/attempted burglaries in three days in Orinda, Lafayette.
Photo: LPD/File

Lafayette police were sent to the 1300 block of Sunset Loop in the city Tuesday after a vacationing homeowner returned to find the residence burgled and extensively ransacked.

Police found that the unknown thief or thieves had used a tool taken from a shed on the property and forced open a rear solid-core door. After making entry, the burglars ransacked the interior of the home, removing drawers and dumping their contents in a search for jewelry and other valuables.

Police said the residents had been gone for several days and discovered the burglary upon their return.



  1. Sorry to hear this news. So much of this going on in the corridor that the police can’t keep up. It’s going to take a few of these guys getting shot by homeowners to slow this down. I suggest cameras and a gun. I have never supported having a gun but now find it a necessity to protect your family and all your belongings from the scum that enter our homes and steal our stuff for a living.

    You can get cameras for your home but they’re only helpful if you get the license plate of their car. Video of the actual burglars are of little help, you still need to find out who the people in the video are, and that can be hard. Even if you have witnesses you’ll probably never get these guys. That is a fact I can attest to from my recent burglary. I had 6 witnesses/neighbors that saw the vehicle and the burglars. No one has been caught.

    I also found out a few weeks ago when my wife got her purse stolen by two people of which we have access to a video of the theft taking place, but those two have not been caught. The police just don’t have the time to spend on the majority of these cases.
    People need to get vigilant to try to avoid being a person like myself who ends up saying, “I never thought it would happen to me”.

  2. Are all areas taking these hits or just a select few? Or is it just that you’re concentrating on a few areas and the coverage makes it seem like more are happening?

  3. Is it thought that these people randomly selected this home or KNEW it would be vacant while the people were away?

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