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If you have a local business, cause or event you want to be seen by thousands of your neighbors instantly – and over and over again when they come back to re-visit – consider placing an ad with News24/680.

An ad with us may not guarantee you a customer in your restaurant or barber shop – at first.

What it will do is help thousands of accomplished, well-informed consumers eager to make a connection with a new restaurant or offering make that connection with your business or store. How? Because first impressions are everything, and our ads are not seen once and thrown away, they are present every time our readers return to the site – as often as 15 times each day in some cases, and those impressions cement your core offering in the mind of our readership over time.


So, if you’re a local business or regional enterprise hoping to reach an affluent, intelligent community of thousands searching for quality goods and services, drop us a line and we’ll have a sales representative contact you, gently, as we don’t do the hard sell and we like to keep things up front and friendly. That’s just our way.

Drop us a line if we can help build you a custom ad, complete with video and other functionality should you desire it. Our creative people can tailor an entire campaign around your business or offering, keep it fun and engaging – and the readership coming back for more.

Let us know if we can help…  

To Advertise, write us at: ads@news24-680.com
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