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    The Computer Kid’s Magic Night


    Date(s) - 03/04/2016
    7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    Lesher Center for the Arts


    After a successful run of Hansel and Gretel this past December, Solo Opera is up for the challenge of presenting more opera for children and families in the community.

    Artistic Director Sylvia Amorino states:  “The kids loved our Hansel opera, especially the ballet, the chorus and all the characters like the Witch. I can’t wait for them to hear and see the new set of characters in our upcoming modern opera. Without knowing it, they are being exposed to the art form in a way they can appreciate and understand. And they are loving it!”

    For their second opera of the Storybook Opera season, Solo Opera has chosen a very unique educational show for all ages, the one-hour comic opera, The Computer Kid’s Magic Night. Written in 1986 by Joann E. Feldman, March 2016 marks the 30-year anniversary of the piece.

    The story concerns Mickey, a little boy who spends all his time playing computer games and neglects his studies, friends, piano, and outside activities. One night, he accidentally types magic words into the computer and several characters pop out. Each character has a fondness for a special subject – language, math, music, travel, sports – and convince Mickey to use the computer to learn about these subjects and spend his time more wisely.

    The opera, ahead of its time in 1986, is still quite relevant to audiences today. Not only are many children hooked on their wireless devices, but adults and parents are as well! This opera is a fun way to address the problem of too much technology and how important it is to have a well-rounded education and life.

    The opera will contain a cast of eleven singers (10 adults and 1 child- double cast) who will be accompanied by a three-piece ensemble of piano, synthesizer, and percussion. The show will be directed and produced by Solo Opera Artistic Director, Sylvia Amorino. The conductor will be William Long, associate conductor of Opera Parallèle. It will star Daniel Ostrom and Angelina Wahler as the computer kid, Mickey, with the husband and wife team of Torlef Borsting and Cass Panuska, playing Mickey’s parents, Dan and Flora Bellington. Giovanna Hutchinson and Darron Flagg play Charlotte and Frederick Wordsmith, with Sara LeMesh as their Cat. Jonathan Smucker fills the role of Professor Mathematissimo, Diane Squires as Melodica, the Opera Singer, and Nick Volkert as Fritz the ballplayer. Megan Stetson and Michael Orlinsky round out the cast playing world travelers, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Patetic. Projections will be by Frédéric Boulay and scenic design and build by Adam Puglielli and Rooster Productions.

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