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    The Chinese and the Iron Road


    Date(s) - 05/28/2018 - 06/03/2018
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

    The Museum of the San Ramon Valley


    The Museum of the San Ramon Valley is proud to announce the second phase of Gamblers and Dreamers: The Chinese and the Iron Road. This exhibit first opened at the Chinese Historical Museum in San Francisco and then was on exhibition at Stanford University. It proudly now moves to the Museum of the San Ramon Valley opening on March 25.

    The Chinese and the Iron Road provides a stunning visual understanding of the incredibly difficult work accomplished by Chinese laborers to build the railroad from California across the Sierra’s and ending at Promontory Point Utah. Informational panels will show pictures of the work and life of the Chinese workers. Accompanying these photos is a storyline that provides insights and details on the providing a deeper understanding of their lives. A reproduction of a typical railroad camp will be on display showing the how the workers actually lived.

    The second part of the exhibit covers the story of Chinese immigration. It starts at the Gold Rush in 1849, covers the 12,000 men who built the railroad and continues on through the 19th century. What happened to these people? Did they return to China? What jobs did they take? Did they settle in California? Did they settle in the San Ramon Valley? These and other questions complete this exhibit and give new insight into the Chinese that connected the west and helped it to prosper.

    In addition on Saturdays at the Museum, local Chinese Americans will share their insights and stories on the Chinese in California, past, and present.

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