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    Art Gets Granular In Walnut Creek – Lose Yourself In The Seed Vortex


    Date(s) - 03/06/2018
    12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

    Bedford Gallery


    Tuesday, March 6, is Free Admission Day at Walnut Creek’s Bedford Gallery and if the symbiotic blend of mobile art, science, and things mechanical move your needle – you’re in for a treat.

    Not only is that hefty $5 admission waived, but visitors will be able to interact with Sebastopol artist Ned Kahn’s work in a solo show that studies the artists’ fascination with the confluence of science and art. At the center of the show is Seed Vortex, Kahn’s enormous metal sculpture weighing thousands of pounds and spanning 20 feet in diameter.

    Seed Vortex shifts a transient sea of tiny mustard seeds in a slow, constant and captivating spin, addressing life’s puzzles, like eternity, unity, chaos and change. The inspiration for Seed Vortex goes back to the 1980s when Kahn was an artist-in-residence at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

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