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Walnut Creek’s 2024 Walnut Festival Cancelled – Lack Of Volunteers


A dearth of volunteers needed to bring off one of the 24/680’s longest running events has led to cancellation of the 2024 Walnut Festival – the announcement made this week on the festival web site.

Scheduled to run Sept. 21 to 24, festival organizers ran into competition from the popular Lafayette Art & Wine Festival, scheduled for the same weekend and a popular draw for local residents.

Walnut Creek’s festival dates back to 1911, when townspeople celebrated the area’s grape harvest at a downtown location until demand and tastes shifted and area vineyards were replaced by walnut orchards – the harvest celebration rebranded as the Walnut Festival in 1936.

The annual Walnut Festival Twilight Parade, a showcase for local high school bands and groups, was also canceled.


  1. Kind of sad about this, was a happy memory of my childhood. I went every year as a kid, first time at 5 in 1970, last time was as a HS Sophomore in 82. I think it lost that small town feel when it was moved to Heather Farms Park, seemed the whole town was involved when it was in Civic Park.

      • It was at Civic Park for many years, my parents took us in the 60’s and it continued there until its move to Heather Farm Park. There was also a baseball diamond at Civic Park and to have the WCYAA (Walnut Creek Youth Athletic Association) teams play there was a wonderful experience.

      • The festival was at civic park for many, many years before moving to Heather Farms. The town outgrew itself and no longer holds that small town feeling that the festival is all about.

      • Ann- The Walnut Festival was in Civic Park until 1976. The Walnut Festival was held at what is now Civic Park before it was a park and before WC was incorporated. My family moved to WC in May of 1970. The whole 680/24 area has changed so much from my childhood. IMO change isn’t always good…

        Started as the Grape Festival in 1911 with a baseball game between farmers of WC and Concord from what I’ve read. Grapes apparently were the most dominant crop until prohibition. Changed to Walnut Festival in 1936. The history of the 680/24 area is fascinating if you take the time to look it up.

  2. Had to look up ‘dearth’. XD

    The Parade was still on until this weeks announcement,
    I was looking forward to seeing the parade.
    Long live the King Walnut

  3. Any chance they’re planning for next year now? Had no idea they needed hands; what a shame for the kids who have already had to endure COVID disruptions.

  4. We used to play in those orchards as kids. I regret that my kids won’t get a chance to do the same.

  5. Don’t give up. Sounds like its time to get new committee members for the festival to bring in new ideas … and then plan on making the festival bigger and better next year.

  6. How can we not let this Festival go on? Mismanagement and lack of communication to gather volunteers is the problem . I directly blame the Walnut Creek City council and their shallow capacity to carry the torch. Really a wine festival instead of something for the kids?This tells me where the interest is and the adult s are to blame. This city council does not represent myself or our kids who looked forward to the parade and fair celebrations.. There are enough restaurants where you can go drink wine instead of watching this go on in our city park. What message are you sending the children? Alcohol vs popcorn and cotton candy!! Really????

  7. It used to be FREE to attend then they started charging an entrance fee and put a fence around the festival and made it smaller. A lot of people did not like that as we were already paying for tickets for the ride and for food. It just wasn’t the same after that. Too bad the parade was cancelled too; families enjoyed this tradition it’s so sad!

  8. Don’t want to point fingers and would respectfully request that we re think current approaches to presenting the Festival and maybe move it away from its past look and feel in favor of a fresher, more modern one — something in keeping with the current attitudes and approaches of the city while remembering and honoring its history?

  9. Kinda tacky to advertise the layette art and Wine in the same comments of the loss of the Walnut Festival

    • I’m sure that led to the lack of volunteers and cancellation of the event. And there is no advertisement in the comments thread Dorothy — please try to think before commenting.

    • I’m pretty sure this site would have accepted the Festival’s advertising had they decided to buy one. I’m afraid your statement – along with being more than a little rude – doesn’t make much sense.

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