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OPINION: We Have Ours, Let’s Hear Yours


With ancestors hailing from a slightly combative island nation on the wind-blasted westernmost frontier of Europe, we are known to have an opinion or two – along with a Blarney-assisted penchant for airing them out.

Veteran readers may remember seeing our words from time to time. Sometimes you agree with what we have to say, sometimes the siege engines line up and the invective starts to fly like stones over our ramparts. It’s all well and good – part of a time-honored American tradition.

There were some significant developments in a case involving a certain former president in the last 24 hours and it appears many of you want to discuss it. It’s just that no one wants to be the first one to talk about it.

In the interest of furthering that discussion, we’re going to broach the subject here and see how our readers, neighbors and countrymen and women respond. This is, after all, the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave.


  1. Can no one see the irony of “Incumbent candidate indicts his leading challenger on the charge of interfering with an election”?

    Trump took being a sore loser to the next level. It’s divisive and stupid to make him a martyr.

    • Well, irony abounds in Orwellian spaces such as ours. Take, for example, the grifting former president who takes in hundreds of millions of dollars ($250,000,000) on a pledge to fight election fraud while committing election fraud, while attempting to deprive actual voters of their votes, and while diverting the money to his many, many legal defenses. This latest charge is now before the court in United States v Trump where the irony of alternate facts and alternate legal statutes will surely be tested and die, as will his shrinking martyrdom.

      What happened to the likes of Father Coughlin and Senator McCarthy? What was their lasting impact? The Golden Crapper awaits.

  2. I will break the seal…Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, the omnipresent polarization will be on full display. As reprehensible as the allegations are in the Federal indictments, there will be some who will not give credence to the underlying “facts” nor the sources of same whether it be law enforcement or media. Wondering how soon it will be when the Hunter Biden laptop is injected into the discussion, notwithstanding the fact that it has no direct relation to Presidential documents that were not returned, nor the events of January 6, 2021. Let the “what aboutism” begin….

  3. It’s about time IMO, and there’s still one more to go, Georgia, which is likely coming soon. This is about our country vs one man, Donald Trump, who doesn’t give a damn about our country, he clearly only cares about himself. As deplorable as Trump’s actions were, it’s gratifying to know that our system works, we are bigger than one corrupt man who wanted to remain in power and was willing to do anything to achieve that.

    History will not be kind to Trump – he was/is the greatest threat to American democracy. He must be prosecuted and brought to justice or it will happen again. We cannot allow that.

  4. I am a life long pro-choice Republican voter. I have never voted for Donald Trump. It strikes me that both the incumbent president and the former president are both guilty of processing classified documents and both seem potentially guilty of other offensives. Hook them up.

    Firestone 11R

  5. The man lay waste to the Constitution, the office of the Presidency, and to the Rule of Law – choosing instead to make his own laws, and a fortune while in office.

    Just like many of us said he would before he ever came to power.

    And millions of Americans whose idea of patriotism is dressing up in red, white, in blue and chanting USA at a football game put him there. And want him there again.

  6. Why did every state east of Okio and West Virginia, and from Virginia in the South all the way to Maine in the North go for Biden in 2020?
    In part because those people have seen how Trump operates since the 1970s! He’s a lying, stealing, pompous ass who isn’t as successful in business or as wealthy as he wants people to believe. Lock him up! He’s a criminal!

  7. Military seizure of voting equipment? Use the Insurrection Act (military) to suppress disgruntled citizens who were denied the vote? Both were contemplated. But tanks?? Only the best people could conjure such an upside-down defense of Donald John Trump.

    Atty Lauro: “But what he didn’t do is, you know, send in the tanks, tell Mr. Pence don’t go to Capitol Hill, or do anything that would obstruct the due process of government.”

    He said all of that on Laura Ingraham after acknowledging the alleged facts of the case, namely that Trump sought to delay counting the CERTIFIED results from the states as required by law. He said all of that with his head firmly planted on the ground, and his legs flailing wildly in the air.

    Only the best people…

  8. Rarely has a political agenda been on more flagrant display. I am hoping the American people see what is happening and do something about it.

    • Your contribution is ambiguous on multiple levels. Perhaps you would like to clarify. 1) The flagrant political agenda is from? The news site, the citizen commenters, Trump supporters? 2) What is happening in your view? 3) What are you hoping “the American people” do about it? People can vote or protest or threaten violence against public officials and poll workers such as Ruby Freeman in Georgia who fled into hiding in fear of her haters. Did you have some specific action in mind? It seems reasonable that you did have something in mind.

      • 1) A Christo-fascist right wing 2) There is a move to install a malleable if imbecilic leader as president and continue to further their political agenda, which has already had a severe and devastating impact on the country 3) and I repeat my earlier post – I am hoping the American people see what is happening and do something about it. Voting is a good start.

  9. Looking forward to seeing him in court and under oath. I also look forward to seeing him and the other coup plotters in jail but one thing at a time.

  10. As long as we’re cracking open laptops and Hunter’s n*** maybe the senate could psych itself up to look into the $3 billion in Saudi money Jared and The Munchkin took from MBS. And did they ever find Khashoggi? No? Well, it’s only state sponsored murder – lets keep our attention on Hunters coke problem.

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