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FlashPhoto: Long Line At Local Donut Dispensary Friday


We were too busy loading up the newsmobile for a quick run to Donut Town to check but our Flash Subscribers are reporting long lines at local donut bars this morning after news that today was “National Donut Day” began to spread.

Flasher Ryan Panlilio sent us this photo of the line outside Donut King in Pleasant Hill and said demand was strong.

“Photo was me trying to be discreet as I was in line,” Ryan reports.

Now if we can just get that guy ahead of him to turn down those shorts a few degrees everything would be great – we had a long night!

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  1. It’s national donut day.
    I kind of resent your title using the word “dispensary”…gave an impression that the donuts were more than that. Or maybe my mind’s just program that way since I work in Oakland and every corner has a ‘dispensary’.
    ( working there and seeing it, I can tell you it’s not a good thing)

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