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Walnut Creek PD Would Like To Have A Word With This Woman


From Walnut Creek PD:

These photos depict a person of interest in a case we are investigating and we need your help.

On 4/13/23 at about 11:00 am, this subject entered a care facility located at 1700 Tice Valley Blvd. She walked through the facility and is suspected of stealing a 91 year old resident’s purse from their room.

If you recognize her, please contact Detective Gonzales at 925-943-5899, ext 7623. If you don’t recognize her, please help us and share this post. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may also leave a message on our tip-line at 925-943-5865.


  1. Interesting perspective — it makes it look like she was really close tothe camera. Hope they catch her.

    • I think you need a better pic than that let alone her wearing a face mask doesn’t help and since this happened last month this woman more than likely changed her hair color maybe even grew it out more put a wig on and who’s to say she is even in Walnut Creek! Lookin for a needle in a haystack :-/!!!

    • We did. Slightly different scenario. Male relative had his credit cards and other items taken. As conservators we asked ourselves why a bedridden 90yo was getting mani-pedis, spa days and running up food and beverage charges. Took a while because it was in another state but eventually we were able to determine that there was surveillance footage to match the dates of the purchases and to convince the local law to chase it down. They did. Turned out to be a female caregiver… the one everyone trusted the most.

  2. People got to pay more over here for people who give care to elderly I remember seeing $17/hour for caregivers it’s not much so I can see why she did do this not surprising 😒

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