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Antioch PD Chief Condemns “Racially Abhorrent” Texts Made By Officers


A federal and local investigation into racist and inappropriate communications between Antioch police officers has turned up a list of communiques obviously never intended for civilian eyes. The messaging, investigators say, was widespread and conducted at many levels of the department. Instead of resulting in punitive action by superiors, investigators say the communications often inspired laughter, additional derision aimed at community figures and groups, and expressed wishes of violence.

Department Chief Steve Ford responded to the release of the text messages thusly:

Antioch, California, April 13, 2023 – Chief Steve Ford releases the following statement regarding recent reports of inappropriate text messages being attributed to Antioch Police Department members:

“I condemn – in the strongest possible terms – the racially abhorrent content and incomprehensible behavior being attributed to members of the Antioch Police Department in media reports. I have taken immediate action to ensure a thorough
investigation by an external independent entity is conducted and the community is not exposed to any individuals under question from this reporting.

“On behalf of our organization, I apologize to the Antioch Community for the hurt caused by this hateful speech. I promise to hold accountable the officers expressing racist or bigoted beliefs, biased insensitivity, and those boasting about harming members of the community.

“I would like to thank the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office and Federal Bureau of Investigation for their work in helping us identify the sickening disease of racism and other incompatible behaviors within our ranks. We will continue to fully cooperate with their efforts while taking actionable steps to restore community trust in our organization.”

# # #

Note: A comprehensive, though redacted, version of the investigative findings thus far may be found HERE.

WARNING: The findings contain language and photographs many will find inappropriate. Please use your own judgment prior to opening.


  1. We don’t live in Antioch but I don’t think the people or the police there will be happy with this investigation. Ugly and brutal. I suppose people would say it’s the nature of the job but that’s just not enough to cut it. I suspect people will lose their jobs over this.

  2. Unfortunately, this PROBLEM is common and widespread. If it wasn’t, then there would be no need for a BLM movement. People see police officers as the LAW….but they are only people, with biases, prejudices, and flaws like any other individual. They have too much authority and need to be policed just like ordinary civilians who breaks the laws. No man is above God’s law. We see you!

  3. “If Pitt(sburg PD) didn’t have all those body cams and that was us… we would’ve effed him up more. He didn’t get what he deserved.”

  4. I”m beginning to think that all police officers should be black. That way there can never be an argument of prejudice or profiling or racism.

  5. It reminds me of the implied violence posted on this site repeatedly by a former police officer who in jocular fashion promotes the “firestone way”. In that mindset, violence is all that “those people” will ever understand. “Lucky I didn’t find him first”, type of stuff. Sooo NOT funny. So, NOT in jest.

    • David,

      There is a difference, I am not racist, I treated everyone equally and dispensed with law enforcement regardless of color. I was just as pleased taking down a white Hell’s Angel with force as anyone else. I met many wonderful people while serving in areas primarily of people of color.

      Firestone 11R

      • I can agree that you “dispensed with law enforcement”, and did you what you wanted to do. That is consistent with your messaging.

      • “I am not a crook.”…1974, I think.
        You know when the President of the United States tries to explain to his voters that he is not a crook, that is noteworthy and ironic. The argument was already lost with all but the most close-minded and rabid supporters.
        Your “not racist” experiences with “wonderful people while serving in areas primarily of people of color.” is similarly noteworthy.

  6. And this is why I don’t trust the police. They are not your friends. Never speak to the police without an attorney.

  7. Maybe I’m a bit idealistic and naive even at my old age, but it’s deeply troubling and surprising this type of thinking still exists, especially here in the Bay Area. And it’s even more troubling to consider these people carry a badge and a gun. I wouldn’t want anything to do with these officers, much less want them to “serve and protect” our local communities.

    Just looked at comments on another local website and mostly people are defending the officers and blaming the targets of the officers racist vitriol. Just another reason why I like this website and the people who read and post here.

    • People are actually defending the use of extrajudicial force and targeted enforcement??? I wonder if they’d do that if it was happening to them.

  8. Couldn’t make it all the way through the list. Sickening language. Makes it a lot easier to understand why so many police ex police took part in Jan 6. Racists found their racist administration. Hard to accept that any of these people are American.

  9. The mayor’s outburst reminds me of Helen Allen’s rant at a Concord City Council meeting.

    The Mayor, City Manager, and Police Chief need to resign. They are responsible for the behavior of everyone who works for the city.

    If the employees are out of control, better managers are the solution. Something that is obviously lacking in Antioch.

    Never let the people who created the problem try to fix the problem.

    The Mayor, City Manager, and Police Chief have failed their city and should resign.

    • I agree with your comment. It’s a top down problem. When the police deal with the same people and issues daily, and report to a mayor who is attempting to play both sides, animosity then frustration prevails. I have a feeling most people posting on this site have never lived or worked within this demographic, applying their comments based on their upper middle class exposure to law and order.

  10. The chief condemns racism in his department. We all condemn gun violence in our country. I strongly condemn Satan. Satan, GET OUT! That’s not a step forward. Stating the obvious does not moves us forward. The obvious is not even currently accepted as a shared reality. So, there we are.

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