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Quake Flurry; Love ‘Cuffs; Burglary Roulette And Damned Nosy Neighbors


Ah, a brand new, rain-washed weekend to play with and it’s off we go, catching some rays and a few frisbees and whatever else is tossed our way.

Pivoting off a fairly busy – no, c’mon, really busy week with lots of stuff catching fire, flooding or getting indicted – we’re tidying up a few things that didn’t make it onto our pages and, yes, not everything makes it onto News24/680.

The morning kicked off with a quake flurry on the far side of the Berkeley Hills and most of the Quake Veterans (i.e. Californians) around here yawned them off. There’s some buzz that the junior rockers may be a precursor for a bigger shaker but, yes, we get that a lot.

Let’s see (shuffling through our notes) “burning Audi,” yep, posted that one, but oh yes there was the couple linked by love and a pair of handcuffs who had to call the police for a mechanical separation and we’d pay just about anything for the body-worn camera footage of that encounter. Couple very definitely opposed to any future plans to de-fund the Five-0.

Our local burglars continue to stay busy and – quick word to the Back The Blue people and Stay Safers who write us when we write about these things – we blame the burglars for the burglaries and not the police, as we believe they’re doing what they can to bag the bad guys, with some success. But we’re getting hit hard and you don’t have to be an ardent police supporter to see they could use some assistance.

One of the strange things to come out of this recent back-door break-in flurry is the number of people who write to “alert us” to their particular break-in because no one is writing about it but who go silent when we send them our stories, Flash alerts on the case in question – written when they happened. We’re here, folks, use us or lose us.

And, finally, here’s one we filed under “High Fences Make Good Neighbors.”

It pays to be on good terms with everyone in the neighborhood but this is not always the case – as those Hatfields and McCoys would tell you. Apparently one local man found this out the hard way when he was spotted hurrying down his suburban street in his German-made kampfwagen, head out the window so he could see past his deployed airbags and his car displaying signs of obvious, recent battle damage. Apparently determined to make it home without further incident he drove into his garage and, after one last look around, closed his garage door behind him – his neighbor getting him back for that lack of an invitation to the Fourth of July Frank-Fest by dropping a quiet dime to police on him.

So, remember, keep the neighbors on your good side and your fences high. Happy motoring… don’t hit anything, and keep in touch.

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