Home Video Woman Dead, Children Injured In Crash After Police Chase In Rodeo Thursday

Woman Dead, Children Injured In Crash After Police Chase In Rodeo Thursday


A police chase on I-80 ended in a deadly crash in Rodeo Thursday evening when a the driver of a Mazda fleeing from police in Berkeley took to surface streets, crashing into a 2017 Nissan with children aboard traveling south on Willow Avenue at 4th Street and Parker Avenue and coming to rest a short distance away.

The crash killed driver Ryniqueka Dowell, 31, as she turned in front of the approach Mazda SUV, the crash seriously injuring her twin 6-year-old boys. Family members announced that one of the injured twins, Jamari Humble, died March 27, 2023.

A Hercules police officer was believed to have been behind the speeding Mazda, losing sight of it as it left the freeway before reacquiring the vehicle as it proceeded onto city streets and crashed into Dowell’s Nissan.

Officers from multiple jurisdictions descended on the scene, discovering the three victims inside and calling in an air ambulance to airlift Jamari to a nearby hospital. His  brother remains in serious condition.

A man identified as Ralph Ellsworth White III, 20, of Vallejo fled the scene but was taken into custody a short time later at a nearby business, according to police.

The Mazda had been reported stolen earlier.


  1. Expanding your definition of news24680? That’s pretty far afield.
    Hwy 24 includes Berkeley/Oakland. Are you covering that?

  2. Tragic event
    But in our up side down view these days, I bet the police officer will be made out to be the bad guy and the criminal a victim.
    I feel for the poor innocents that this car -thief- thug killed!

    • Unfortunately the ABC TV news completely blamed the police for the death barely mentioning the criminal car thief. Also try to watch the video, the police are nowhere in sight. Unfortunately the victim pulled in front of the speeding car thief.

  3. Congradulations Ralph – you’ve reached the peak of your ability to contribute to society. I’d say enjoy jail but with the way things are going you may not see the inside of a jail cell.

  4. My neighbor called me about this after she got your alert. She still can’t believe it happened. That poor family.

  5. There’s a city on the east coast where police are now using gps darts. When a pursuit starts they hit the car with the gps dart preventing these types of chases. Only $6,000 per police vehicle to install.
    RIP to the mother thoughts and prayers are with the children and family.

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