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We Care, Really… But You Want To Reach The Masses


We’re big on engagement here and we believe most of you know you’ll hear from us if you reach out. It’s fun for us and has led to some lasting friendships.

But as good as it is to hear from the readership we don’t think it’s us you’re hoping to reach. There are now thousands – actually tens of thousands – of your neighbors, compatriots, allies and others more than willing to hear what you have to say. We won’t say they’ll all agree with you, but they’re ready to listen to your point and debate it if necessary.

If you’re willing to take a position and stand by it – essentially, be American – put your thoughts together, stick your name on it and send it on in.

All the usual caveats applied, of course, no hate speech, threatening language, etc. You know, civility…


    • Not something we hoped to hear from a part time? law enforcement officer out there dealing with the public…


  1. In my opinion anyone who uses the term “the masses” underestimates humanity. We aren’t masses and we aren’t groups. We each create a network to expand our capabilities beyond our individual limitations.

    Resist being sorted into groups to be pitted against each other. Instead consider who is profiting from creating division and outrage. The answer will always be politicians and media (especially social media) companies. Don’t feed them.

    • You bet, we get a buck for every moment of division we create… and for each individual outrage.

      There’s a Division/Outrage meter we use to estimate profits.

      … for edification, use of “the masses” here meant: “a lot of people.”

      • What is the news24680 stock price at now? lol.
        I think, maybe, we are at a “Have you no sense of decency”, the “emperor is buck neked” moment. Time will tell.

      • The business model of news24-680 is NOT the same as social media or big media. They thrive on division. News24-680 engages users by being the go-to source for local news. Which is why we are here. Keep up the good work.

        • Ah, thanks for that… we are not fond of being lumped in with lumpy corporations and such!

          Appreciate the post.


        • I echo the above statement. The good folks at 24/680 continue to be my “go to” news source for our
          neighborhood. Timely, objective and measured, tenets that are clearly missing in other forms of media (social and otherwise), And the witty patter is always appreciated.

          • Oh, my… and, just for you naysayers we know are listening in, the preceding comments were unsolicited with the posters receiving no compensation for their input.

            Now, anyone have some tissues? We seem to have something in our eye…


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