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The Second Secession – A Discussion

Only known frontal photograph (ambrotype) of Lincoln at Gettysburg. Library of Congress

We’ll admit to a more than passing interest in our country’s Civil War – the one great great grand pap fought in way back in 1861-65 – and the one we thought Mister Lincoln put a virtual “period” on at the dedication of a National Cemetery sanctified by the blood of the recently fallen.

Following up on that interest we’ve walked the ground where those pivotal battles played out and marveled at the conviction  that would drive men out in the open against massed musket and canister fire, and wondered why Lincoln’s words – meant to heal and unite – left a sizable portion of the country unconsoled, and seething.

In school, they boiled the struggle for the Republic down into a simple fight between blue and gray, of Johnny Reb vs. Billy Yank, a Civil War fought to free a people and unite us as country. But, in walking those embattled promontories, sunken roads and cornfields we’d read about in history books, we heard other names used: “the War of Northern Aggression,” “the War Between the States,” “the Second American Revolution,” “the Lost Cause,” and even, in a little cafe in southern Virginia “the Late Unpleasantness” – which seemed a little cavalier given that 620,000 Americans were thrown into its grinder.

Walt Whitman, who saw much of it, called it the War of Attempted Secession.

And now, seven score and 18 years after the Army of Northern Virginia surrendered its colors and arms and were saluted by silent ranks of northern soldiers as they marched off Wilmer McLean’s homestead in Appomattox, the “S-word” is back and being mouthed by congressional representatives who appear pumped and once again ready for conflict.

Whether to stimulate a flagging segment of their base or to genuinely raise the new battle flag of secession we do not know, but Republican firebrands are once again waving their canes – or their AR-15s – and talking about a “National Divorce.” That’s a new one for the list, but there it is.

“We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government. Everyone I talk to says this,” Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene put out there by Tweet.

Greene elaborated that she would like to see a “legal agreement” that would separate states to resolve ideological and political disagreements “while maintaining our legal union.”

Miss Greene isn’t alone in her thinking. Texas GOP chair Allen West proposed creation of a new union of “law-abiding states,” and Texas state Rep. Kyle Biedermann has said he would file a bill in Austin putting the question of Texas secession to voters. In this way, the New Secessionists argue, Americans can decide where and how to live and won’t “have to argue with one another anymore.” As appealing as that may sound on the surface, exactly which states would we be losing – or gaining, depending on your position – if this National Rift were to come to pass? Well, it’s looking like South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana (no more beignetsdamn), Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina – and, yes, you students of history, those are the guys who broke away from the troubled union back in 1860.

What’s changed since then? Styles, for one… women in Congress… not to mention our weaponry. No more time-consuming muzzle-loaders, folks in those departing states have automatic weapons and explosives and appear ready and eager to put them to use. If us “furriners” are stopped at the borders and internal relations do break down within the, what? – New South? -it seems those 3 a.m. Waffle House fights could take on a whole new dimension, with the locals paying the price.

We know many of you are working yourselves up like a Blue Tick Hound on a opossum hunt right now, calling us out for our bias against the South and Southerners and people with guns who wear them in public. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve visited the states in question many times, like the people, have family living there, and grew up around firearms. They don’t scare us, people using them against others do scare us, as we’ve seen the damage they can do. Any New Separatist who says they don’t care would probably be scrambling for the nearest bucket after their first contact in the Third Battle of Bull Run.

We are also aware that some of you are thinking the shortlist of “breakaway states” is missing some possible Western additions, like Idaho, Arizona, and even our own Golden State, which some Bear Flag Secessionists have suggested could do better on its own than with the rest of the country.

Despite some secessionist cheerleading from the likes of Rush Limbaugh (Presidential Medal of Freedom if you can believe that) and Glenn Beck, American militias have so far resisted the urge to open fire on Fort Sumter or some other designated bastion of Federal Power.

Many feel such a split will never come to pass, with each state dependent on Federal money and services their people have come to expect. Some say that while current political divisions are extreme they don’t line up along state borders, and not everyone is in favor despite the claims of supporters. Others point to the legality of such a move, with the sacrifices made during the Civil War ensuring the powers of the federal government and giving it final say over any suggestion of secession.

That’s that then, right? This recent talk is some political smoke-blowing meant to invoke old rallying cries and mobilize voting blocs? We’ll see, we Americans can be a contentious and independent-minded bunch. We mean, just look at how we got here.


  1. The most disturbing current trend is large corporations and ideologically motivated groups fomenting hate of fellow Americans. The Internet amplifies their voices to an unprecedented degree. We need to get back to focus on our common humanity.

    If you believe there will be another civil war, you have been brainwashed and you are part of the problem.

  2. I want Kareem on MY team or I’m gonna take my ball and go home!
    If I can’t win in a fair match, I don’t want to play, but let me win, and I’m in.

    Secession is a simple idea in a nearby universe of simple thinkers where those who fear a fair contest believe that they are winners. “We won in a landslide!” “Not even close!”

  3. Well, it disturbs me greatly to contemplate fights outside of a Waffle House with all of the mellowing agents deployed there, whatever the time of day, 1 PM or 3 AM. It’s a glass half-empty, shredded-hobby-balloon deflating moment to be sure.

  4. Illegal and unconstitutional but fun to think about, particularly when it comes to giving Florida the heave ho.

  5. Interesting proposal. If it meant not having to look at another Christmas card of a slack jawed politician and their moronic spawn cradling weapons stolen from the state national guard armory – I could get behind it.

  6. Make the liars pay. Jail the insurrectionists and autocrats. None of this means anything without some sort of accountability.

  7. Amazing photograph of Lincoln at Gettysburg – for those interested, the Library of Congress website has every known photograph made during the Civil War. I’m a Civil War buff and the most meaningful trip of my life was spending a few days at Gettysburg, a 3-day battle that changed our history forever. People like Greene and others like her should do some research about how horrible the Civil War was before making such cavalier comments about a “National Divorce.” No doubt she makes stupid comments like this for political reasons, i.e., to score points with her fellow RWNJs, but it’s dangerous. She should recognize that, but it’s doubtful she will.

    • Thanks, John. We agree. Quite a back story on the photo, as you may know.

      As for Gettysburg, we were also lucky to spend time there and we’ll just say that if we’d been in charge of Gen. Pickett’s division that famous assault would never have been made. It was amazing what the people of that era were willing to do for their chosen cause.

      As for our more recent history, we’re hoping we are able to do better than we have been.


  8. Extremely disrespectful of you to refer to President Lincoln as “Mister Lincoln” in the second line of your thinly veiled anti-GOP screed.

    • “Mister Lincoln” is one of the most beautiful and fragrant tea roses ever. I doubt the deep red rose was named for the great man in this manner as some sort of insult, and I find no disrespect for him in the opinion.

  9. When someone says “everyone I talk to says this” that speaks more to their insulated world than it does to a broad sentiment. The USA is the Hotel California. You can check in, but you can never leave.

    • For marge it means the guys at the Runnin Rebel Shooting Range and the dude who cleans the bar bells at her gym.

  10. I love MTG. A little crazy but never ambiguous. But the ones who talk secession are not the ones to be concerned about. There are plenty of armed militias who no one has ever heard of. And unlike ANTIFA they have weapons (not umbrellas and leaf blowers) and military training. Anyone remember Waco and Oklahoma City?

    • Seriously? You love Marge? Ok.
      As for her divorce, the national one, it may be illegal and unconstitutional jbut while I don’t think everyone living in those designated states would support such a thing it is a little bit of fun to consider. States populated by heavily armed residents, living under a toxic cloud to keep their oil wells pumping and trucks rolling, a land of churches, b-b-q restaurants, liquor stores and gun ranges? I feel a Netflix series coming if there isn’t one already out there!

  11. So far love24680 and TH are my favorite comments, the first emphasizing how we should be seeking agreement while the second points out how this particular essay is the opposite and demonizes Republicans. Two can play the demonize game. Lincoln who is in that picture was a Republican, and the states that seceded from the Union were controlled by slavery supporting Democrats, who, when they lost founded the KKK to terrorize African Americans. Look it up. Under Trump, African Americans had the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded and did not rely on Democrat agendas to create dependence on public aid.

    And compared to Greene, what about AOC who actually believes there should be no border controls for those from Latin American based on her belief the US treated Latin American unfairly. Tell me the difference between someone who taunts secession, and someone who believes this should not be a country with borders. The current culture is to create as much conflict and division by race, ethnicity, income, gender, religion and every other group as possible, and so far the instigators are winning.

  12. The Republican caucus has no interest in and no capacity to govern. Secession is not a goal. The caucus is led by rhetorical bomb throwers playing to a raving audience. TALK of secession is the end point. Moral outrage is the goal. God forbid these barking dogs should ever actually catch the bus they are chasing.

    • I always enjoy David’s posts. I am on the opposite side of him politically, but unlike so many on the Left he uses satire, ridicule and such instead of name calling, hate and anger. He should do a short guide for readers here who want to be effective instead of creepy.

    • Dan: Maybe you could tell us why you like AOC. She freely admits being a socialist, warns democracy may not exist in the US in 10 years, says capitalism is ending, and calls on the presidency to exercise stronger control over us. When she says such things, I think of the tens of millions killed in the last century under socialist policies. So, please explain.

      • I prefer her to a lying hypocrite insurrectionist who can’t spell socialist, would be perfectly happy having armed militias ruling the country, and who has called on a duly elected president to surrender to her and a kangaroo court that brings its own gallows to its trials. When she speaks I hear the sound of nails dragging against a blackboard and wonder how anyone could vote for her. Hows that?

      • Both women have become lightening rods of attention and criticism by opposing factions looking to score political points. I agree Greene presents a danger to the country and that we would be better off with her out of office. I also believe she lied about her role in the attack on the capitol. It says something about the state of the country that she was elected in the first place.

      • “She freely admits being a socialist” Why wouldn’t she?

        “I think of the tens of millions killed in the last century under socialist policies.” Really? Socialism kills?

        Authoritarianism tends to get violent toward any resistance, but socialist economic policies abound in wealthy nations such as Canada, UK, Scandinavia, and sad old Europe without an apparent high death count.

        Sweden, for example, is a political mess right now with about 8 political parties, but despite its progressive, socialist policies no one goes to jail for calling the PM a @#!!$%^ #$%^@@!
        Certainly no one dies for being in the political opposition in any one of the 8 parties, and no one dies in gulags because there are none.

        So, honestly, I don’t know where an intelligent guy like you gets these ideas from. Thank goodness, I am immune.

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