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Tesla In The House


The driver reports the Tesla that he was parking in the garage of a two story home in San Ramon crashed through the wall into the kitchen after the driver assist engaged on its own. He said that the car accelerated and would not stop. Both floors of the home suffered extensive damage according to the residents. The kitchen was demolished. A large refrigerator was the only thing preventing the Tesla from continuing into the dining and living rooms. Inspectors are on call to deem the home livable after the event. No reason whatsoever to why the car engaged auto pilot on its own according to a family friend. Fortunately, no one was injured as the kitchen was not occupied at the time of impact.


  1. Every time a car owner claims the car did something on its own, it inevitably turns out that the driver actually unintentionally did it. At least with newer cars like Teslas, everything in the car is logged and can be completely investigated.

    • Scary, this could of killed someone. Unintentional or not, maybe people shouldn’t buy a Tesla with the driver assist option.

    • Yeah right. The car did it. How about a little accountability, it’s always somebody or something else’s fault

      • I believe most, maybe 90%, of issues like this are actually driver error, but there are enough where it is the car’s system that we need to leave open such questions. There are documented crashes that were due entirely to the car and not the driver. Anyone who has done computer programming knows it is very difficult to remove all the bugs from a software program. One crash I thought was interesting was a plastic bag that was blowing across the freeway and the driver assist car swerved into another car. What, I wonder, is in the program where it does the math to decide the best choice is to crash into someone else rather than to hit the object (a Safeway bag) it does not understand. Does it have a loss function that tries to estimate the cost of another driver’s death instead of its own passengers? This choice, I believe, has to be there just as in real life your mind would have to make that choice.

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