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Orinda DUI Crash Wakes The Neighbors Friday


“Don’t you guys ever sleep?”

We get that a lot here at News24/680 given the irregular hours of our profession. But turnabout is fair play and we found ourselves asking several of you that very question after a crash on El Toyonal in Orinda early Friday.

Things got underway a hair before 1 a.m. when neighbors reported hearing the sound of a crash, a blaring car horn and then sirens as The Cavalry turned out to look for a motorist who strayed off the 400 block of El Toy and found herself headed for the creek.

Our vaunted Flash System – now a fully responsive and elaborate network of users, tipsters and insomniacs – lit up like the mother ship in Close Encounters.

Inquiries ranged from the brusque: “What the hell was that?” to the more respectful and much-appreciated variety displayed below:

Turned into a Good News/Bad News kind of night for the driver, who was rescued from a precarious position off the roadway but subsequently arrested for suspicion of DUI. There’s a moral in there but we’ll let you find it.

We wiled away a sizable chunk of the Wee Hours “talking” with the neighbors before eventually signing off and catching some of that elusive sleep we mentioned early on – but it’s always nice to “talk” with the neighbors!


  1. Things are really going “downhill” for that driver; now the alleged drunkard is really “up a creek.”

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