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Lafayette BART Closed After Tuesday Morning Fatality


A 30-year-old Oakland woman died after reportedly jumping from the platform onto the tracks at Lafayette BART and suffering traumatic injury from a passing train early Tuesday.

A major medical emergency was declared and the station closed immediately after the tragedy was reported at 6:28 a.m. with a bus train running from Lafayette to Orinda station. BART officials said the woman “intentionally entered” the trackway at Platform 2 for reasons still unclear.

Patrons reported that the person left a small backpack or bag on the platform.

The train conductor immediately reported a person under his train and station agents made announcements warning commuters to expect major delays on the Antioch line in the SFO Airport and Antioch directions.

Efforts to recover the body were immediately undertaken.

UPDATE: Lafayette station was reopened to train traffic by 9 a.m.


  1. Honestly. There is alot of pain and hopelessness out there. I really think people need to do some church again.

  2. If “some church” would help, “some church” would have helped already. The pews are not swelling with blissful hope after millennia of unfulfilled promises. Spare us the usual bromides. These are serious, real-world problems.

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