Home Video Dogs And Cats And A House On Fire In Martinez Tuesday…

Dogs And Cats And A House On Fire In Martinez Tuesday…



  1. Take a look at google maps. Tarp covering back half of house. Façade falling off. Painted in 1940? Trash in back yard. Trailer (?) on the street out front. Likely inoperable van to the right of drive. Likely inoperable bike under tarp, also to the right of drive. Drawn, beaten up blinds. Camelia Charm, a touch of the South. Two offers pending. $1,627,000.

    • Those photos can be dated, so best to keep an open mind. Lot of chatter out there on this one, and we’ve heard that the critters were being kept on a temporary basis after being displaced from another location, possibly by effects of our recent storms.


        • Just advising a pause before folks rush to a conclusion. Observations are fine, understandable. Just don’t want to do that Internet “baying wolves” thing.

  2. Contra Costa Fire’s helmet cam footage and description of the scene on Instagram seems to confirm the dilapidated state and mentions “difficult paths of travel inside the home.” It’s unfortunate that homes reach such a hoarder type state because crammed garages etc. are fires just waiting to happen.

    • Happens more often than we thought possible, unfortunately, and certainly a hazard for folks called on to navigate the residence in smoky conditions. Thanks for posting…


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