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Burglar Battles Heating Up; Both Sides Employing New Tactics


Yes, even Dodger is getting more protective of his stuff these days as organized crews of mail thieves, burglars, and other bad people you don’t want around are predating and making off with our stuff.

Safes. Guns. Expensive watches. Expensive doggos are all on the current want list for local thieves, apparently, and People With Things are ramping up their game in hope of warding off People Who Want Our Things. Right now, we’d say we’re in reactive mode as these crews are often long gone before they come to public attention. And should you feel your neighborhood is getting picked on – don’t – it’s pretty much everywhere.

Everyone – thieves, civilians, police, are upping the ante and turning to technology for an edge in what has become a daily struggle. And, yes, burglary is not always a nocturnal endeavor anymore.

Revolving license plate frames. Bluetooth detectors. Keyless bypass devices. Deployed “scouts” who search out vulnerable homes for prowling crews. Versus motion detectors, alarms, gates, hardened doors and access points, guard dogs and… guns. Police, apparently in a reactive posture, are also turning to technology as “force multipliers,” with trackers, “bait” parcels and cars, automotive “StarChase” trackers and… more cameras and license plate readers.

Lost anything lately? Have a crime-defeating gadget you like and want to share? Post-burg picture or tale you want to share? Send ’em in and we’ll put the best ones up – and good luck out there!


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