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Concord Police Arrest Suspect For Local Sex, Attempted Kidnapping Cases – Seek Information On Additional Sightings/Contacts

Rafael Mendoza-Reyes. Photos: CPD

The Concord Police Department is asking for the community’s assistance following the arrest of a man for two separate incidents involving sexual assault and attempted kidnapping.

Last week, on December 8, in the mid-morning, a woman was walking on Minert Rd., near Oak Grove Rd., when a man came up behind her, grabbed her, and attempted to kidnap her. The following day, the suspect returned and sexually assaulted another woman who was walking in the same area. Concord Police were able to get a license plate number of the suspect’s car, which eventually led us to his home in Concord.

Later that day, CPD Detectives arrested 22-year-old Rafael Mendoza-Reyes. He is currently in Contra Costa County Jail and the District Attorney’s Office has filed charges.

Mendoza-Reyes was arrested in June of this year by the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office when he sexually assaulted an Alamo woman who was gardening in her front yard. He was convicted of a felony for that crime. His prison sentence was suspended, and he was released from jail four months later.

Concord Police Department say the investigation is ongoing, and believe there may be additional victims in the community who have not reported to the police. Other law enforcement agencies in the area have been notified of the case. However, they encourage anyone who may have been victimized or had any contact with the suspect to please contact Concord Police Department Detectives.

Police have no further details of the case to release at this time. Police provided the most recent picture of Mendoza-Reyes and his car (which was used in both Concord crimes).

Anyone with information regarding this case should contact Detective Juan Piceno with CPD’s Special Victim’s Unit at 925-671-3235. CPD Case #22-12624 and 12657


  1. A suspended prison sentence for sexual assault? I call that legal malpractice.

    How many others like this were set free with minimal or no jail time for life-destroying crimes?

  2. A suspended sentence for sexual assault doesn’t make any sense. Even if has a drug/alcohol problem, he committed a serious crime, and his ass belongs in prison. I hope they’re happy his crimes continued. Soft on crime BS.

  3. Is there any such thing as justice any more? Consequences? I guess not. A lot of bad people getting away with some bad things in this country at the moment.

    • Idk. Could be Presbyterian, could be Republican for all you and I know about the case…but I’m prepared, just in case he is.

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