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What’d I See? At Expressway Food And Gas Mart Saturday?

From Flasher "Jeanette."

There are a million stories in our semi-rural, semi-naked (why is everyone suddenly so committed to stripping down these days?) swath of suburban bliss and our thousands of Flash members are helping tell the tales.

Our Flash Alert system started humming shortly before 2 p.m. Saturday when Danville area Flashers alerted us to a high-profile police stop on a carload of folks at the Expressway store at 744 San Ramon Valley Boulevard.

The locals were minding their own business, filling up the family jalopies, when a car rolled onto the lot – followed by what one bystander said was a caravan of police cars from Danville and San Ramon PDs.

And then, apparently, it was guns out and up as police surrounded the car and took five people out at gunpoint while all thought of pumping gas suddenly evaporated. Turns out the car tripped an Automated License Plate Reader, tipping police to its possible use in local retail thefts.

All of the occupants were detained but we’re not sure yet how many, if any, were arrested or thrown back into the mix because we can’t see into police headquarters. But that’s what you saw at Expressway on San Ramon Valley Boulevard at around 2 p.m. Saturday.


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