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Two Alarm Arson Fire Destroys Concord Home Thursday

ConFire Photo

Firefighters battled an aggressive fire burning through a home in the 3500 block of Euclid Avenue Thursday.

Reports that a man in his 70s was found dead at the scene were eventually confirmed by police Thursday evening, with the cause of death determined to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Additional reports that an explosive device, specifically a hand grenade of undetermined type, was also found at the residence could not be confirmed though numerous witnesses said an explosives ordnance team was on hand during the overhaul.

A ConFire spokesperson said in a release posted to social media that the fire was intentionally set, with investigators determining that several fires were set at different points within the home.

Neighbors said the house’s occupant was 76, suffering from dementia, and had been evicted from the residence after it was sold but had refused to move.

The fire was initially reported at 5:45 p.m., going to a second alarm minutes later.


  1. Mr. News24-680, I had a pleasant conversation with your reporter on scene tonight while he was waiting for ConFire’s PIO. Thanks to him for his professionalism.

    • Evening, HJ… yes, Craig is a gentleman and a fave around here, too. But don’t tell him we said so, we like to keep everyone on their toes! (Thanks for the nice words…)

  2. Hand grenades are heavy. Make excellent door stops, however, they should be removed in the event of a house fire or police visit.

  3. According to his neighbor, he was a gentleman in his 70s with dementia. He’d lived there over 30 years and was evicted when the house sold in June. Sadly, he refused to move.

    • It’s sad. Who knows whether he had family or what? Where would he go? Harsh way to make the statement, not sure if a person who has dementia can shoot his self and start an elaborate fire like this. Hoping that a full investigation is done. Just saying…

    • We could use some specifics but we believe WCPD was investigating an incident in which a gun was at least brandished and perhaps fired after some sort of altercation…

  4. I wonder if anyone was aware of this man’s crisis. I wish someone could have called a social worker to help this man deal with his severe problems.

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