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You Know What Day It Is, 24/680 People…


… and you know what to do.

Make us proud!


  1. Voting was sad and perfunctory. The issues I care more about did not seem to be on the ballot: 8.5% inflation, threats of nuclear war, misdirected global warming initiatives (gee, we will subsidize new windows for the poor but not whisper a word to the Chinese about their massive coal fired electrical plant building boom), double digit increases in homelessness here in California as well as being in the bottom third of state educational systems yet the highest taxed state. I don’t recall voting to be in the bottom third of school systems, do you? For governor we choose between a fast talking used car salesman and an inarticulate unknown. For House, we have a progressive AOC fan versus a social justice warrior. How did we get here again? No, voting was not fun this year.

  2. I went from “well – time to move to Vancouver” to “hey – things are going to be ok after all.” Still can’t figure out the MTG thing but the people of Georgia have spoken.

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