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Original Joe’s Brings A Taste Of San Francisco To Walnut Creek – In 2024

Joe's in San Francisco. Photo: Wikipedia

It takes time to build a brand and become a cherished neighborhood hotspot, a maxim borne out by the restaurant family behind The City’s Original Joe’s.

Over the restaurant’s 85 years in business it has survived a devastating fire, economic downtowns and other travails that have brought other businesses to their knees or to bankruptcy.

But know, even while other players are cashing in and calling it a day, the Duggan clan has announced a move to Walnut Creek – and into the location vacated by the departed Stanford’s Restaurant & Bar at 1300 South Main Street.

Owners John and Elena Duggan told The Chronicle they’re not going to rush their arrival to Walnut Creek’s dining scene, taking their time to transform the 9,000-square-foot-space into a space as readily identifiable as their legacy locations in North Beach and Westlake.

Anything can happens and usually does in the restaurant biz, but the Duggans say they expect to open their doors in Walnut Creek in 2024.


  1. Well I can see I’m not going to get anything done today — not with all this talk of good food. Off to the kitchen to come up with something!!

  2. Lot of great memories made in SF, looking forward to making new ones here. Great food and personnel.

  3. Having been out much in recent years. Look forward to having an established place to go again.

  4. We go to Westlake Joe’s every year for our holiday gathering. I will be so happy to get my chicken parmigiana with their homemade raviolis much closer to home. 2024 can’t get here soon enough!

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