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Tax Scam – As If You Didn’t Have Enough On Your Mind


Scammers are all too aware that some agencies dedicated to hunting them down have been scaled back and that some people can be bamboozled into sending significant amounts of money to people they don’t know.

This very official-looking letter has been appearing in local mailboxes lately and the bogus “agents” behind it are looking for a big payoff. Unfortunately, some folks have been complying and the scammers have been laughing all the way to the bank.

The letter is a carbon copy of one making its way across the country, now showing up in the 24/680.


  1. Elderly woman down our street mailed close to $7,000 to scammers in Jamaica. It’s mind boggling what people will fall for. Educate yourselves.

  2. If you believe one of such letters might be real, do not call back the number on the letter. Call the bank or government organization or whoever they are presenting themselves as directly and then go from there. In this example, call the number on the official CCC government website and ask for that department. The story in the letter will quickly fall apart. I’ve noticed also, but not in this example, the Nigerian or whoever scammers seem obsessed with referring to magistrates. I didn’t know such a thing existed until I started getting scam emails like this.

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