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Iranian Freedoms Movement Supporters Take To The Streets Of Walnut Creek Sunday

Photo: "Eric"

Motorists in Walnut Creek were greeted by flag-waving supporters of regime change in Iran, a movement born following the September 16 death of Mahsa Amini – a young woman supporters maintain died of injuries sustained while in police custody.

Her death sparked a wave of protests across Iran with participants demanding a complete change of the country’s faith-based and fundamentalist political system.

Amini was reportedly arrested and detained by the country’s “morality police” for “wearing tight trousers.” Government officials deny any force was used during her arrest and while she was in custody, a position brought into question by medical reports suggesting she died of multiple brain fractures and internal bleeding as the result of a severe beating.


  1. So, what would they like our elected leaders to do? Sanctions are already in place………………..go to war?

    Firestone 11R

    • We have “leaders”, and we have people who lead. We have people in the streets, and we have the incumbent president of the United States announcing in 1968 that “I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your president.” We the people are not powerless; we are the power. When awakened, behold!

  2. Maybe, just maybe, they are hoping persons of a kindred spirit will support human rights for them in solidarity out of a sense of altruism or humanity. These are still concepts some of us can realize. Some will not see or feel the suffering and loss of dignity of others. They will say: “What is it to us?”, and that is their choice.

    For the rest of us, there ARE things we can do. Economic things. Moral leadership things. Some are being done already, but persistence is key. South African apartheid did not succumb in a day, a week, a month. It was suffocated under the weight of persistent moral and economic isolation.

  3. A lot of people taking to the streets — for a whole lot of reasons. I’m thinking we’ll see more of it as governments lose their ability to govern effectively.

  4. Sometimes the only thing that will convince a regime it’s time to change is when a crowd of its own people are in the streets threatening to remove them from power.

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