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Crockett Residents Air Their Concerns About Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure Thursday


Residents attending a public meeting hosted by The Crockett Improvement Association Thursday, Oct. 13, aired their concerns over elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide in their community.

The result of a weeks-long operational issue at the Crockett Wastewater Treatment Plant at 1801 Dowrelio Road, which processes sewage from the community and wastewater from the C&H Sugar refinery, the odors prompted a health warning from Contra Costa County health officials.

Crockett residents have made numerous complaints about odors caused by hydrogen sulfide to public agencies that regulate the treatment plant, including BAAQMD and are concerned by their continued exposure.

County officials say the levels of gas have dropped in recent days, but that appears to have provided little comfort to residents angry over what they said Thursday was a drop in business and lack of transparency. Health officials said residents should be watchful of certain symptoms due to the length of their exposure.

The site operator said they are using more than 1,300 air diffusers to solve the problem and hope they’ll be able to correct the issue in the next 10 days.

In the meantime, the school district is using carbon filters provided by the county to filter the air and some residents said they were staying with friends outside the area to limit exposure.


  1. Still, they come without the why! Why is there this stink? Was this an act of God? Why Crockett and not Atherton. How many VC billionaires suffer in Crockett during this “weeks-long” stink? A thousand voices make not a sound on a far distant shore.

  2. We don’t get out to Crockett much anymore but went through last week and there was a definite smell. Hope it gets corrected soon.

  3. Only one person on the board lives in Crockett and the others especially from the owners of C and H haven’t a clue what we have been going through. Could you imagine trying to eat your dinner in a fine restaurant with this “odor” this poison is filling up you nose!

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